So Dutty Gyal Angela Is Back With Meurika (Magic) , 2 Of Them Both Are Crack Heads ! Angela Waan Fi Scream 10 or 15 Year Dem 2Geda But Meurika Did Deh With Queen Lady Gangsta Fi How Much Year After Angela.



Meurika An Angela Come Re Kindle Dem Love Like Dem Did LOST Wid Out Each Uda , Mi Tink Seh Meurika Rennie (magic) Just Want Somewhere She Can Call Har Yard CAh She Homeless N TEef From Har Family SUH Nuhbaddy Waan Nuttn To DO Wid Har n She Ah Big Ol 41 and AV NUTTN BOUT HAR , NOT EVEN ONE POUND. Widout Gangsta She Would Have No Clothes Or A Pot To Piss In .. GLADDEST TO GOD! But Now She Deh Back Wid Angela Hu Tink Har Shit Can Mek Wedding Cake MISS ANGELA FRANCIS U Nuh Even Worth Me Spit Pon Yu. Dat Gyal Is A Genile and A Rass Devil And Nobody Nuh Like Har .. She Ah Real Matey and Love Claim People Woman .. Dem All Just Dutty Lesbian Wid Nuttn To Dem Lifestyle .. Not Even 1 Qualification !! She Deh Wid Magic But Love Cuss How Magic Ah Crackhead Teef n She Nuh Business Bout Har. All Meurika Want Is A Gyal To F**k Her With Plastic Cocky But Angela Want Fi Get F**k Too n Den Gangsta Complain Seh Meruika Don’t F** Har Enough So Angela Come Fi Har Back. HAHAAHAHAHAH


  1. Lesbianism seem to tattoo pon di Jamaican gal dem big time. All of the biggest lesbian dem mi know ah foreign is Jamaican and when mi fly down ah yard mi eyes can’t believe how much sodomite gal mi see in di place ah walk round freely. Unnu gal need fi retire yah tongue and stop use it to explore a next gal draws.

  2. you all need to low magic and lady gangster them neva trouble u so why u just up in deh business come like u want dem to deh with you them bless and gifted low dem cause duppy know who frighten the sender who send the post must of ugly and stay bad with your sour dick or pussy come answer mi and leave your number too leave magic and lady gangster and i will come f**k u up who ever send this in

  3. Sender you brave, if Meurika ever catch omg since I come to south I know,all them big gangster roadman they scared of her

    you playing with fire good luck.

  4. Leave people business alone leave people business and mind your own
    Who everwwrote that don’t have nuttin bout their self, you mean fi Seh inna real life you nuh nuttin better fi do?
    Poor you
    Hear Weh you do follow the Disney classic

    “LET IT GO”

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