When him girl friend nana put him out him call me an ask if he can stay with me an I said no I have my good good man

Met- notnice is gay him use to f**k me but because me stop give him my money him walk an talk all kinda things I need the public to know please


  1. notnice a f**k poochie from Jamaica so this don’t even new to mi trust mi , notnice a real batty man star smh

  2. Yes him same one shitty dick notnice weh f**k nana in here ass dwl , hey preeps the amount a shit crums Ina nana big mouth cause the amount a ass him f**k an she don’t play fi suck him shit up dick hahahahah

  3. Poohie u bad eee but me did hear this fr Jamaica days that’s y me no y him did a cuss about batty man when a nuff man name did call pon u notnice go start talk bout every body

  4. No sah!!! Ladies please be careful of these men!!!! Pussy na run di cut no more!!! Batty tighter!!! And baby cyan mek suh that’s the best way out!!!!

      1. Met I don’t believe him.. Him is a dirty mixup liad batty man. Him is definitely a batty man but him is a liad one I can’t forget when poochie tell lie pon one boy and them nearly kill the boy.. Him evil and lie I don’t believe him another batty man affi come forward… Poochie sick poochie will just make up this lie just fi make it pon your wall… Poochie have money fi mine nobody and always a beg so not buying this a next batty man please..

      2. Bre Bre, from JA days Poochie a mine man, wen him madda use to send him $ him disappear fi days and guh mine out some boy wid it den come back bruk and a beg money fi buy weed or 1/4 bread. Him used to use all him nails money, Poochie will tek him last mine a boy and come come a beg.

    1. don’t talk bout him eyes him will cuss yuh one time him did deh wid a undacova boy, an mek him fren a pose wid the man like the man was hers, cut to poochie ketch the man a dagga the fren, one big stay bad british gal, but tru the money wid the queen have more value dan di money wid the national heroes of JA the man tek the fren, poochie decide fi gwan bad and di man beat him til one eye come likkler dan the other, so nuh mention di eye him sensitive bout it, unless it come up now

  5. Met plz do a topic

    If a man loves anal sex does it make him gay?

    I don’t think so but I want to hear the views of others

    Sunday Dagga maybe?

    1. According to my homosexual friends any man who who loves anal sex will be inclined to have sex with a man.

      Only women have vaginas but every one has an ass.

  6. Stay bad Nana IMproper is behind this. Weh mek shi neva sen people fi Juju an ar family wen dem duss ar sloppy, ill looking self out in Pat Palm Tree smh

  7. At de end of de day is not notnice who look bad is Nana who luk bad,a year she deh wid him for nd claim seh him a house husband a tek care of her son when she gone look bread,den if him a batty man and love man why trust him wid yuh son…dont him bade him etc etc..nothing but a waste bloodclaat set all a tawk bout shit inna him drawz if him batty dutty him hood nd mouth dutty tuh Nana a suh unu bored?!?!? kmft

  8. Plz to leave the good good Sunday dagga outta all forms of gay exploration n inhibition topics. Sunday Holy suh certain lines nuh prepared to cross!!gazabadwebad!

  9. I don’t think if a man does anal sex he’s gay I really don’t .. I think for some men is the power that it gives them that a woman is vulnerable and gives him all sexually

    1. Batty a batty if its woman batty or man batty ! If ylu f**k any batty you gay! Batty is batty.. Shit come out a eveyone a dem.. So dats mek eveeybody weh f**k batty a big battyfish


    1. Don’t be an ignorant broad I’m speaking to mature people. Whether I get f***d in the ass or not is none of your business ! I know men personally who their women bring the argument to them past lovers introduce them to anal sex and them introduce it to the new man so stop chat what you don’t know ! Read a fcking book .

  11. that’s how dave Lexus do walk around and sleep with some stay bad gal for money him have one name lista stay very bad.

  12. I don’t know these ppl personally but now adays every man a battyman. I think it is the quickest way degrade a man and label women as whores. As for me if I never saw a mad inna a next man ole I am not going to run with it. Mouth mek fi talk so when someone does not like you they will say anything.

  13. Who nuh know longtime seh Jimbo Fresh aka Corey from Dunkirk a batty man him dey yah a act like him a gallist smdh mi nuh know a who him a try fool with him licky licky self

  14. Lmfao I remember the time when Dave Lexus f**k petal in are bottom and in them time she and Blackie was friend yes him give petal a batty f**k put are in a king County Hospital for almost two weeks,Loma but she get used to it know..

  15. WITHOUT MALICE NEW NEW U SAYING THINGS PEOPLE USED TO SAY 20YRS AGO, IF U SEE A TAPE U MIGHT RUN AND BRUK U NECK, lol leave this alone til u can see a man in a nex man hole. mek dem hide u in the closet okay mi fren

  16. The whole a Kirk know poochie a battyman…spechie, use to be one of the baddest man in a Kirk before him dead…that was poochie man. Poochie love badman, but him nuh have no money fi mind nuh man. Poochie mumma send fi him bout 5 yrs. now and Poochie deh a farrin a suffa every minute him a beg, the same way how him use to beg a JA. Is not Poochie send this in…Nana yuh too terrible!!!

  17. These batty men are liars and demons don’t believe a word they say,wen they frame you you well frame only an intelligent person would understand ,don’t be surprised if he is not Marvin man and upset due to the altercation with Marvin and Notnice

  18. @Qnzf Finest move yuh nasty bloodclaat an gweh,and don’t come call up spechie name bout him an poochie use to deh,lied.Go find a hobby and stop post foolishness. A nuff a unuh poochie f**k an unuh naah talk. R.i.P to the one and only baddest Don in a Kirk #Spechie

  19. @Qnzf Finest move yuh nasty bloodclaat an gweh,and don’t come call up spechie name bout him an poochie use to deh,lied.Go find a hobby and stop post foolishness. A nuff a unuh poochie f**k an unuh naah talk. R.i.P to the one and only baddest Don in a Kirk #Spechie

  20. Meedia,sheryl,winsome and her dutty crew a unuh in a kirk a dweet an a call up ppl name, guh suck unuh Madda. Winsome your big belly ugly police man caah save yuh,and meedia everybody a Kirk know seh a unuh deh pon the ppl dem name,unuh low life bitch fi a big Woman, the ppl them in a Kirk not even a pay unuh no mind. Unuh wicked nuh bloodclaat, meedia u a the main one. If spechie was alive unuh bitch couldn’t call up him name in a no batty argument. Unuh come run in mek mi done unuh bloodclaat one by one

  21. Winsome every man yuh f** yuh salt up,move wid yuh batty man bloodclaat son Marshell, unuh write unuh name pon pinkwall and stop hide behind computer, computer bad gal unuh, thats all unuh good fah. Stop call up f***g spechie name dog shit, wid unuh miserable hole and porridge body weh bleach out buss up and Fava lizard weh a change color, unuh stay bad nuh bloodclaat.

  22. Meedia remember spechie did have him money and spechie a good nice clean man, weh did have up him whole heap a gal them. meedia tell the ppl dem seh a shit up cocky yaah get from longtime, cause bling dog use to f**k poochie, and bling dog did a f**k you too suh bitch yuh hole been shit up, guh look a man cause all the man them yuh try buy them nuh waah yuh. Stop call up spechie name cause the man dead an gone lone time.

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