1. Whoops!! Morning met & team gm that’s a socker punch although it’s six years ex everyone move on get over it .now back to class I never knew class would tek a married man so class fine all that fits the criteria bove but couldn’t fine a single class man.

  2. Someone with class wouldn’t put up pics bout “bae she mad “. We all know the reasons she is with Kevin hart and if the wife want to chat bout what happen in the relationship to get ratings for the show it’s fine with me cause kevin did the same thing with him non comedic self. And the wife look better that Neeki to me.

  3. Kevin’s newly found fame and fortune afforded him an upgrade, so like most men before him his upgrade was based upon looks first and all else was second – including family life.

    I don’t see Eniko rushing to stretch out her body to provide him with children, oh no she wants to remain perfect with ‘class’

  4. Lol what a contradiction.. Class don’t tek married man!! She shoulda fine another set of words to answer her! Nothing bout no class. Cause tori deh na stop call up uno name she looks like the bad one right now but that doesn’t mean u have class my dear.. Remember her reality show is coming up so she has to promote and stir up drama, usher ex wife just spoke out too so this shall pass Kevin and eniko don’t feel too special. Ladies have to get a check too

  5. Yes Eniko you is real Jamaican Kooley Gyal. Tek people man and act innocent. Remember all unfair games play twice. Plus all your pettiness not putting a ring on your finger.

    1. Yu gwan lay off a de kooley [sic] (Coolie is the correct spelling) complaints. Is the act of innocents that makes men come looking for women of that ethnicity…lolololllllll

      Again, what unfair games onu a talk bout? De man moved on years ago, ex a get respect and her maintenance she lucky than millions of other black women who not even a get a hello.

      *Marriages don’t validate true love…ask Kevin Ex-wife who fah ring up inna jewelry box or at the pawn shop…lol

  6. Me ago side wid my peeps. Yankee gal tek set like leech cause de girl a Jamaican…IG statement make that clear. All these rass years and she still a spit venom. Is Eniko really the cause of Kevin leaving her in the first place? We DON’T KNOW.

    A man or a woman CANNOT insert themselves into any marriage or relationship if there weren’t or isn’t a weak fence surrounding the union; can’t a blame another because your relationship didn’t have strength. Ex never said Kevin was a habitual cheater. Yet… ONE woman come along and him gone fi SEVEN YEARS NOW? Yeah, it wasn’t meant to be.

    ***Big difference between a habitual cheater (stray dog), and a person finding someone else for pure happiness and longevity. The energy spent ranting could be spent finding your special someone too. Unless, you are prone to ranting all the time and it became one of the reason why your one time mate fell for someone else instead.

  7. Boy u love lie bout d gal seh something bout Jamaican and mek it clear on IG smh shame on u..

    1. She don’t like the Jamaican girl plain and simple…shame pon me for disliking yankees is more like it.

      Again, I don’t like yankees (Black Americans) and have no shame in it at all. Go call the other poster on the video post a liar too.

      Again, DON’T LIKE BLACK AMERICANS. I nah leave my Jamaican men fi nu black man from any other place in de world, worst a yankee.

    2. When you state ‘love lie’ which part you see me habitually telling lies on this website????? Nu come tell nu lie pon me.

      Yah defend de yankee gal phuckry is one thing but nu come tell nu lie pon me and paint me as no damn liar.

      Yu can read? Me make me statement and it don’t change. Quote me correctly…bout ‘love lie’ FOH!

      ” Yankee gal tek set like leech cause de girl a Jamaican…IG statement make that clear”.

      1. PP u lucky u a look pan dem…What u said a truth and we know dat u cannot mek people whey waa mek a point mek u even ansa dem..

  8. Well said Phantom, I couldnt say anything else on top. Hurt or not blk women fi stop go embariss all a wi pon tv now. More time you haffi take to the creator alone smh

  9. Eniko, beautiful words and gorgeous pic with you and your boopsie bear ( love me some Kevin Hart )…but one question Eniko…yuh couldn’t squeeze weh the bump dem pon kevin face before unu tek the pic? CHO!

    1. ewwww…lol. I love Kevin hart (rare) and from his personality and that of EXWIFE she did a abuse de man…lolol.

      Funny, but from har attitude and speech I get that she is aggressive and may have been on the abusive side. Bae…

  10. I am not taking up for this home wrecker because she is Jamaican FOH, she has no business answering his ex wife the mother of his children and speaking on the marriage she partook in breaking up, let the lady vent and mek a name for herself too. If we not giving Alicia Keys Fantasia and Gabriel Union a pass this side piece now main dish shouldn’t get one.

    1. How you know she wreck dem marriage? Yu did de de? FOH

      SO wife fi chat from now till eternity and nu get nu response? FOH!

      If Eniko never come by another woman would. FOH

      If Kevin did left de wife and remain single wife would still a chat shit. FOH!

      Oman a harp fi over 7 years pon de same thing and de man and him oman still going like de energizer bunny, kids growing up, and mumma still a moan and a nu death tek place…..dwlnnnnnnnnnn FOH! dwlnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

      1. No the better question is were you there? Aren’t we all speculating here? Neither Kevin nor his ex wife are denying the accusation that the current girlfriend came about from an extra marital affair relationship. It’s a bad situation, infidelity is never ever good and I will certainly not praise or side with the side chick now main chick on any occasion. Bout she answer back ex wife FOH.

        1. So because he cheated with her is grounds for her to take everything the wife dishes out? Go tek tracing Fi har den because she nah tek no prisoners

          1. The ex wife admitted that she wasn’t the only one he cheated with n she couldn’t tek it no more n a she file Fi Di divorce so y is she mad still 7 yrs later? Is like she bex because she never knew he would be this big. She left him n that was big of her but acting now like a wailing wimp mek her look classless

  11. I just think it’s hypocritical to say “class” wen she nuh have nun either.. Taking men is not “class”.. Yes Kevin choice to stay with her but she knew Kevin was married and had a choice to say no so don’t mention mention “class”.. Betta u say u tel d man and so what

    1. Phantom no upset eno she just a wap unnu real bad, cause it’s always easy to blame the other woman di man goneeeee long time so whey else she ago do she need to shut the hell up if Kevin was still earning $5/hr no one hear shit from this bitter bird kmft

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