KINGSTON, Jamaica —The Attorney representing the interests of the family of Mario Deane, Miguel Lorne, has confirmed that a popular entertainer has donated a casket and offered to lend his escalade to transport Deane’s body during his funeral on Saturday.
According to Lorne the entertainer said the gesture was a show of solidarity with the relatives and the cause of seeking justice.
“He does not want to be named, as he needs no lights or cameras. This is a gesture from his heart as he is really moved by the incident,” the artiste told OBSERVER ONLINE.
The casket will have Deane’s photograph inscribed on the top.
Deane died in hospital three days after suffering a beating while in the custody of the Barnett Street Police in Montego Bay.
His relatives have rejected an offer from the government to pay part of his funeral expenses.
His death was ruled a homicide by renowned pathologist Michael Baden.
Five cops have been suspended and are due to go on an identification parade.
The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is probing the matter.


  1. sound like Bounty but much thanks to dem an a hope em/her family neva go in need a anythin. RIP Deane and may ur family find comfort

  2. not a bounty not a lady saw.. me more feel a smaddy weh go through the same thing already! maybe a Vegas fi true cause him very soft me feel like a one a di artiste dem weh can relate to the mother pain

  3. It takes a very humble person to do such a kind gesture and do not wish to be identified. Definitely someone who can relate to Mario’s mother situation and knows her pain. If a nuff a dem artise yah weh love d limelight do it, dem wld an deh all ova tv and radio and do interview. God Bless ur heart whoever u r, and I hope he grants u continued strength to overcome ur pain. @ looking In, I think its Spragga as well, very reserved and humble DJ, and his son suffered d same fate as Mario. Not a Bounty him too hype!!!! Him wld an plaster all over tv n d airwave a bout “hello, yallow, cross angry, miserable”, Saw have a good heart but I dont think its her, I think its someone who lost a child, by the hands of the law, mi rule out Vegas too cauz mi nuh know if him have nuh escalade, I cld be wrong!!!!

  4. Spragga Benz definitely give back and I feel it’s either him or Vegas but it’s not no same situation.. The police had no right to kill Spragga son but Spragga son was armed when they stopped him and dean wasn’t armed not a same situation.. Come to think of it met Spragga does have a big white truck me a try member if a escalade or F150

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