Entertainer Richie Loops is seemingly not a happy man these days, despite just coming off an overseas tour.

This is because he says he has been forced to file an official report with the police, in which he alleged that a female has been attempting to extort money from him on the basis that he sexually assaulted her in February of this year.

The deejay, whose breakout single ‘My Cup’ ruled the local airwaves years ago, has gone on the offensive, as he claims it’s not only sex that has come up in correspondence from the female in question.

“I made the report to the Constant Spring police because this female has been threatening to go to the cops to say she had been sexually assaulted by me in February. She is doing this because I just got off tour and she feels I have money, so she is trying to pull a style on me,” he told Loop News reporter, Claude Mills.

Richie Loops said he has had to do a mini-tour of a number of police divisions locally, to make his report official.

He said he first attempted to report the matter at the Constant Spring Police Station early last week, but was directed to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), before being sent to the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime (C-TOC) Branch of the police force, then finally back to Constant Spring.

“It was like a merry-go-round. Nobody wanted to take the report, and it was very stressful, but finally I made my report. The thing is that mi find this very surprising because just last month she messaged a friend of mine saying that she missed me, but as mi arrive in Jamaica, she start send message say mi ‘tek what is not yours’, and we had consensual sex several times, so (I am wondering) how mi tek it so much time?” an obviously upset Richie Loops asked.

The Constant Spring police confirmed that a Richard Webb, Richie Loops’ real name, made a report at the station on May 16.

And if his claims are anywhere near the truth, it might explain why he had to do the police tour, including to C-TOC.

“I just want people to know about this in case anything happens to me, because she texted me to say she was planning my murder, and that she plan fi kill me, or if that nah go happen, she ah send me go prison,” Richie Loops said.

The artiste issued a warning to his fellow entertainers to be wary of predatory females looking to make a quick buck.

“I am warning all artistes to be careful of… girls who come around you. They are (mostly) looking for a payday, so keep your circles small and protect yourselves,” he said.

Richie Loops recently released a song called ‘Bad Pon It’, featuring dancer, Tall Up.

Another entertainer, veteran deejay Capleton, last week claimed to have been a victim of extortion by a female with whom he contended to have had consensual sex, after being slapped with rape-related charges by the police. He also claimed to have had electronic correspondence with the complainant in his case, about alleged financial demands.

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  1. him a look attention. Bet he has a new song.
    anybody a try extort him nuh have no sense.
    Tour off one song “my cup”? lol lol lol

  2. I was wondering is which tour him go pon when a one song him have weh drop more than 5 years ago. Boy go look wuk.

  3. Kmt can we see a pic of this nobody. Why he had to go to SISOCA? was the girl underage? If she was he just admitted to having sex with a minor multiple times, the police should be doing everything to find the victim to ascertain the facts and charge who fi charge..until then gwaan back unda yuh rock sir

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