He initiated my arrest by the police ’cos I’m carrying my lover’s pregnancy —Wife

jailed , wife, courtOja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has adjourned till May 23, a divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Marian Kayode against her husband, Folarin Kayode.

Marian in her suit accused her husband of shirking his responsibility in the home and abandoning his role as husband and father. This she stated spurred her decision to move out of his house.

According to her, she’s now into a relationship with another man whose pregnancy she’s carrying.

Marian added that the defendant has been harassing her with the police since then. She as such appealed to the court to abort their 20-year-old marriage.

Folarin did not agree to divorce while he also insisted the pregnancy was his.

The couple’s daughter, Adebisi Kayode, while giving her evidence debunked all her mother had said against her father. Contrary to what the plaintiff told the court, she explained that her father was responsible and that he made all efforts to ensure that she and her siblings were well fed while he’s also training them in school.

Listening to both parties, the court president stated that more evidence would be needed. He added that a medical examination would be carried out on the plaintiff through the court to ascertain the months of the pregnancy. He thus adjourned the case and ordered the plaintiff to come to court with her relatives and new lover and the defendant, the children and his relatives.

“My husband is uncaring and irresponsible. He constantly abandoned his duties in the home and passed the bulk to me.

“While we were courting he promised to pamper me when we were married but he failed in his promise. He stopped giving me attention and wasn’t interested in my welfare immediately we got married.

“Our marriage is blessed with four children who he finds hard to take care of. I stopped having s3x with him since 2007 to avoid getting pregnant again.

“This brought a strain in our relationship and he took to fighting and beating me. I moved out of his house on February 1 when it was obvious he was not ready to change,

“I met another man, Lolade, a mechanic and we went into a relationship. He’s responsible for my pregnancy.

“He has been initiating my arrest by the police since I started a new relationship and I appeal to the court to please restrain him from doing so, “the plaintiff stated.

“I don’t agree to those claims against me, “Folalu told the court.

“I’m a responsible man and had always made the welfare of my family a priority while I never joke with our children’s education.

“My lord, I’m declaring before the court that the pregnancy my wife is carrying is mine.

“She started bleeding last year October after she did a family planning. I gave her money to seek medical attention and she was given injection for five days. The bleeding stopped on the fifth day and that night we had s3x. The pregnancy she’s carrying is seven months old. She left my home with three months pregnancy.

“I’m also stating before the court that there was never a time I employed the service of the police to arrest her, “the defendant said.

Giving her evidence, Adebisi said, “Our father is a loving and caring man. Even though he’s not financially buoyant, he hates to see us lack anything. Every Sunday when coming from church, he stops to buy food stuff and other necessary items for the home. His customers can be summoned to bear him witness.

“Even when his business was experiencing stress financially, he didn’t use this as an excuse to starve us. He still tried all in his power to meet our needs.

“I make bold to say we eat good and nourishing food which is the reason for our smooth skin and healthy look.

“Our education is also not lacking. My siblings and I attended classes regularly and he pays our school fees as at when due.”

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