Off topic ..MET everybody a breed, everybody wan tun mommy! MET me hear say KENEZER no wan have nutten fi do wid har goodgood babydaddy because ERRICE decide say she a keep da goodgood baby yah

5 thoughts on “ERRICE A BREED?

  1. Bwoooy, I did have a feeling. When those type of girls stop post and snap daily supmn inna supmn. She never wanted to be a mom so I m surprised. Congrats.

  2. Yallll messy!
    Regular she stops posting and then comeback again. I’ve seen her done this multiple times and no pregnancy. So if y’all don’t see a belly don’t assume.

    If she post nuff Unuh cuss
    If she post little Unuh seh nuttin nah Gwaan
    If she stop post Unuh seh she a breed

    Sometimes people need social media break Fi regroup and father themselves n take the time off that’s needed.

    Until I see a belly mi will believe.

  3. Children are a blessing from God.If she is really pregnant I hope she has a great pregnancy and enjoy motherhood.She has alot of friends who are mothers, she can learn from them. Hold up yuh head Errice.

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