1. Kerri a f**k long time pan him, di bwoy nah have no dick. Kerri a under cover f**kest from birth. Evan a batty man from long time, him used to f**k Omar platiumn, dougie platiumnand the list go on.

  2. But hear yah now, I cah stand dat big belly phucka look like him gut fulla shit. Is a boy weh love style woman and act like a big sissy, mi surprise Kerri guh back to dat. A long time from JA days fi him name a call pon batty him use to trace woman lakka mamma lashy…..

  3. A wey har Dutty sista Julie glamourous deh mi her sey de BITCH move bak a ny she n de bwoy LEGEND N him left de BITCH..she should be ashame har Fu**king self fi go BREED fi LEGEND again DOG SHIT OBEAH WORKER SHAPE BAD SPONGE BOB BITCH>>>Bitch yuh still a walk n Theif UGLY MONKEY

  4. suh how cum so much batty man a breed woman…… something nuh right….. what a rass if man could breed and have pickney cause sum name weh a call pon each other…. lol

    1. Simplicity, please put out a missing B.O.L.O for her return to JMG because when she type mi cyaah stop laugh. I hope she comes back, and Belly Bang too..

  5. Good mawning mi Metty Met Met, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk , and a lovely mawnin tuh you as well DuttyEvan..sir :nerd … Now Mr. Dirty, mi like how yuh use the emojicon ( the cat) fe symbolize punani, but if mine eyes aren’t deceiving me… Why dat deh cat fava owl or fowl or one ah the angry birds dem? People now tell me, dat fava catty tuh unu?

  6. stra8 man wah beatin inna 2013 to raaws caw mi nuh noe how a lean guy a breed ooman :nohope: ere weh mi a seh to enuh evans mek sure yuh wrapp di new baby wid dah skauff deh n kip e warm oooo

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