“I want to congratulate Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn gave birth to a cash register, I mean, a baby boy, with her fiancé, the $142 million Carl Crawford,” Williams told the audience. “I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said. Evelyn girl, congratulations.

“And Carl, Carl like a lot of sports players and a lot of artists, he’s not a bad-looking man, but he certainly wasn’t getting the likes of an Evelyn Lozada if he wasn’t playing baseball. … Evelyn you get yourself a little apron and a little Epsom salt to make sure your man’s joint are all taken care of, and take care of your cash register.”

“You know @WendyWilliams, I never bother anyone. I even bought you a beautiful bouquet of flowers congratulation your broadway debut,” she tweeted, before accusing Williams’ husband of cheating.

“Since u want me 2 open Dulce [her shoe store] n LA. Maybe ur man can come 2 that store & purchase shoes 4 another woman like he did @ my Miami store. Bloop!”

Rumors that Crawford, 32, and Lozada, 38, were dating began when she was spotted early last year at one of his games. The couple became engaged over the Christmas holidays in a clear sign that the reality-TV star has moved on from former professional football player Chad Johnson, to whom she was briefly married in 2012.

In December, Lozada confirmed that she was expecting a child with the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder. “It was very quick and Evelyn is happy because she was super-nervous,” her rep told People. “Baby boy is so handsome and she can’t wait to reveal him to the world.” Her son arrived on Saturday morning, at 3:55 a.m., weighing eight pounds.


  1. Metty Good morn! I agree with Wendy EVELYN u r a gold digger so shut di f**k up. Wen CHAD was with u he was f**king right under ur nose cause u realize him not heavy with cash as u thought that is y u put him on blast. A bet u if this one u have box u Botox face the world will not hear about it u f**king money grabber like u a somebody bitch u nobody shut di f**k up. At least Wendy still with her husband making her money while u looking Nxt money man to grab bitch plz. U man is going to f**k on u and u have to live with it bitch u r licky licky shut the f**k up and tek care a u cash resgister.

  2. BUMBO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………wendy husband cheated b4 n she publicly forgave him woyyyyyyyy so lets see wat happens dis trip haha…but at end of day we all have skeletons in our closet ….wendy fi memba dat

  3. Good morning all
    Wendy (formerly known as Winston) need to STFU for someone who live inna glasshouse she fling too much damn stone, yeah Evelyn is a gold digger n any woman whey nah dig mi sorry fi unnu (right now is a new shovel mi waa rerk pon kmt) but she Evelyn is making wat she have work fi har n there ain’t not a damn thing wrong wit that

    1. good morninggggggggggggggg i think a because she say gave birth to a cash register she can call evelyn what she want but a think a because she call di baby dat das why evelyn vex

      1. Oh a over yah so u deh Met dats y mi nuh si yuh comment pan d Kartel post yet. Mi know seh yuh cant deh every weh same time still.

          1. Oh so yuh a gwaan ride an whistle??? Mi did just miss yuh dats all, it just dont feel d same if u not commenting, But d other Metters dem got it lock still,nuh watch nuh face mumma

  4. Either way, it’s Wendy’s job to report on the latest suss and shi was making an observation (an honest one might I add). But, Evelyn putting Wendy’s husband business out there is bad for Evelyn’s business, and it shows how little decorum shi really have.

      1. That mi seh too bad breed, mek fun a har self before smaddy buss secret a road. cause mi sure she know seh har husband was stepping out on har, its not d first and it wont be d last, dat way nobody cant shame har, thats a real comedian/talk show host or whatever she think she is, u laugh off a ur self too, u nuh dash out ppl business and lock up fi yuh skeletons dem inna ur closet n have dem behind close doors, but nuh mek fun a ppl alone, throw a lil a ur business in d mix too, and mek ppl see seh u dung to earth and u nuh tek uself too serious. Mi know 1 gal she cuss mi har self before she cuss ppl so when nobody a cuss she dem dont know wah fi seh cauz she dun chat everything aready. But wendy she chat he she and d old lady and put ppl business pan light house top and dont care. have some boundaries man, ppl kids are off limit, period. Dats y mi like Chelsea lately she chat har f**kerybut mi never hear har a diss nobody pickney, or if she do it mi never hear har yet.

    1. Report weh shi waan report but leave d oman baby out of it, a better she did comment pan d fact seh she jump go breed fi di man although she was mindful of d fact that he had already impregnated someone already, but dont refer to d oman baby as nuh cash register, mi nuh know why ugly ppl must always gi so much trouble, d oman right fi har she fi go tek d plank out a fi har eye, before she tek d peck out a smaddy else own, har/him husband know what line of business him wife in (fi put ppl business pan blast) ,so him should know and learn to keep in his lane, and keep his cock in him pants, Next time him will tell him wife fi dont mash nobody corn weh wi buss him secret, if yuh cant ketch qua cu (a so it spell though, I stand corrected) ketch him shut of course, I dont wrong d woman none tall,she wrong fi a class and style d oman pickney, she too damn out order…..

    2. De girl business a gwan with or without wendy. Me nu care bout wendy suss like how me care fi JMG suss!

      phuck wendy! Whey met we hold back that former crackhead, big foot gal nu have no boundaries. Evelyn have a RIGHT fi defend her pickney character whey wendy want fi paint as cash register birth.

  5. gm.met and meters :ngakak :malu :ngakak @ cash register DWL a wonda if a true bout wendy husband well we will see .and hear about it

    1. Kevin secretive like him a CIA. If not fi eveyln nobody wouldn’t hear dah one yah. Canada, what say you? DWLN

  6. Remember say wendy did get sue by puffy for her relenting werds. When wendy comes :batabig for u, she comes for u!!! As for ev, i wouldn’t have even responded via social network. There are too many ways to skin a cat!!! :salahkamar

  7. I’m not here for evelyn’s stupidity, wendy is stating facts you good and knowingly breed for a very wealthy man who had a pregnant baby mother at home, you have no room to trace the wife about the other woman when you are a career other woman, the man never bring you in daylight yet and bloop you pop up wid belly.

    1. Balance scale…Wendy fi phuck off. Evelyn a state facts to. SHOTS FIRED! Wendy down now. Your reference to ”trace wife” no relevant inna dis because Evelyn nah tek big foot wendy husband.

      She fi trace off wendy wig offa har because she is too phucking out of order and gwan like fi her marriage intact. Like de gal sey Bloop…mek wendy go suck pon dat fi a while.

      1. U r so right about dat Phantom, :2thumbup :shakehand2 before she go clean out har roost so har cock nuh stray she a a mek fun of a lil innocent baby, probably if she did just call d girl gold digger d girl wouldnt tun d black a har eye look pan har, but she a class d oman baby as cash register, so fi har pickney dem a wah products of a gay marriage cauz she is definitely a man, i would an definitely love fi get a peep pan fi him 9wendy) birth paper cauz only Jesus alone can come affa d cross come tell mi seh dat thing is a woman……

        1. [email protected]….Wendy husband a YAADIE! lolololol. Like it or NOT we Yaad cock dem nu like roose often and tend to stray often. Since de girl go sey MIAMI…good fi all be YADDIE or a CUBAN.

      2. It is not a lie though, that man is worth 142million dollars evelyn is set for 18 years unless he goes broke, she didn’t talk about the child as in a personal attack but she stated the obvious fact that her new baby is a meal ticket ole terror squad mattress evelyn knows it too afta she nah wuk no wey. caah tek a bone in wendy more time odda day mi did a cuss mi tv wid har lol but I agree with her evelyn has won the athlete lottery finally and while evelyn is going off on twitter wendy show ratings gone up so who a harm who. And another thing how comes on the tv show evelyn did a go doctor bout she want twins wid chad and rae rae and bloops she breed so things that make you say hmmm.

  8. good day met

    good day fellow metters

    so evelyn push 4 time and di baby juss run right out like wata. dem seh it was so “quick” :travel

    u know seh di elastic inna mi tracksuit want tighten, it juss loose and big suh. anways unno si titus lately?…..no?…. ok den :siul

  9. She/He or Shim whatever gender dat creature is, should never referred to d woman baby as nuh cash register, I hate when ppl make fun of kids, Im always up for a good laugh and find 1 or 2 of har talk shows and jokes hilarious but good gosh man she must could an come up with a more creative and humorous way fi tell d world seh she is a gold digger, affa she a nuh di fus oman weh deh wid man fi dem money, cut d chick some slacks afterall its better to be a richman’s pet dan a broke pocket man slave ( or a old man pet dan a young man slave, a how it go again? whichever way) just leave d lady kid out of her sly and sleezy remarks. Its about time smaddy put dat old broad in him/har damn place. As if d man weh she got nuh have money took, mi sure Wendy nah go deh wid nuh bruk pockey man weh a push handcart, Some a har joke dem so damn stiff and corny like har. Fava any damn drag queen. This is 1 time mi would an encourage smaddy fi do plastic surgery, Wendy yuh get my full support cauz ur man must consider himself a [email protected]##$man fi deh wid u, see how u like smaddy making fun a u know, although u must hear it a million times but u dont give 2 shits what anybody wants to think right??!! Nobody ugly like har and she like gwaan like she cute yuh si, mi nah hate pan har, but she wrong fi a mek fun a d baby man, mi love kids enuh n mi nuh like when ppl are mean n unkind to dem man….KMT

  10. Mi not even know who is Evelyn Lozada but d sinting buun mi bad man, cauz she drag d oman baby inna it.

  11. Evelyn need fi siddung and stay happy wid her baby. She vex by what Wendy implied, but the truth is when it come to gold diggin, whoring etc she can’t win any debate. She is gold digging homewreckin slut bucket and that will stay on her record forever. She shudda just take the congratulations whe Wendy gi har n sit down. The man just just have baby whe day with a woman whe mi think have a next chile fi him before, so Ev baby is a cash register, how else she woulda get access yo him cash?

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