0 thoughts on “EVERYBODY A SEE NOW?

  1. I paid for live stream mine blanked out as well nd came back with Miss a Kitty saying its time for the papwerview show… Idk. I hope I’m not getting 4 hours …

      1. Yes he had, he all bawl out bout they killen his vibe, now 2 Chainz have to explain who he is hahaha,……if this dont humble them nothing will

  2. Weh dem did badda spen sumuch money fi two chains fah? Nuh foreign artis cyaa tek nuh dancehall show a yaad ova none of our local artis #fact

  3. shani mi a beg yuh taoe it de a mawnin saw shell macja rite down a nuff tings tawk macka did a suck sunshine pus-c or a nikki z woiieeeeee :ngakak

        1. he was not him xpln himself well now mi kind a ovastand weh a duh but still want him ease up affa the demon ting nd him rite ppl need tuh grow their kids and stop blame tings pon him

          macka yuh all phuck fe papers did de immigration officer free yuh up,saw shell yuh rite dung all point seh see jon jon oba deh suh mi pus-c gud

  4. saw seh suck out yuh mouth yuh phuck capleton fe dub,cobra fe dub mi seh all a now it a paly back inna mi head..dead pus-c macka weh yuh knw bout suck yuh mada :ngakak

  5. That galllll call D’angle doh have a ounce a pride, poor demarco ears must a ring in him sleep. Smfh she bitter bad

  6. bwoy michelle mi did knw yah cum wid de pic story a tell yuh ride it c yuh sey pus-c nuh cheap suh laig nuh give yuh a ting weh yuh aguh duh dash e’ :nerd

  7. Mi seh met true di HD stream a show in so pretty mi a seh to myself di sittin weh she a pred out better don’t reach mi keyboard, she skin out like crab pon him back

  8. movado need fi stop the phuckery and jus run chune dem extra man voise weh mi a hear a kill me hears kmft…..him a move like 2 chainz

  9. Wth I’m so vexed.. Last year when I paid for live stream I watched it to the end. So what clash is not included this year. Kmft

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