1. when di lick reach macka she say at least she show up __________________________________________
      macka dat is what u get

      1. Met when Macka come out my mother was like is that a man tears
        Met and she still has eeh the red hair, is true saw says she never the hair

  1. Maka always a pick what she can’t manage. Me say me still a lmaooo. Saw come angry cross miserable .. Maka a come fi war with saw with things that the whole world already know… Boring. Lmaoooo

  2. met why u wicked so why u mek macka show up, when u never tell her stay home and pretend she sick mi shame bad, macka look like she want to cry

  3. not even interview macka fi do or even tweet agen to rass mi sey muma shell har rite down tuh the grung wen lick tek har she start bawl out a trace yah trace mek the ppl dem hear mi saw sey suck out yuh mouth yuh swallow zip and irie fm _______________________________________:tkp

  4. Yo PPV just killed my vibes, I will link ya’ll later cause sting finished for me right now. Feel like to fling the fricking remote for my $30

  5. Me drap a sleep and miss muma saw ooooooo. Glad me see Vado great performance. I’m refresh and ready fi do Kiprich clash

  6. I cant stand sizzla the audience is mix both white and black the man spending the most money on this show is white, why is he on stage shouting black power, there is a time and place for everything he need to do better, he will do anything for a quick forward lame ass

    1. so what is wrong for him to seh ‘Black power’ nuttin nuh wrang wid that suh because a white man a spend money one has to bow?. the white man a speculate to accumulate, its called business and nutting nuh wrang wid that too.
      Black people needs to acknowledge that we are still struggling in them here times, just because of our(beautiful god given) colour. Suh if him seh black power its all good, him deh inna him own country which is predominantly black.
      youths that are in the audience can guh home gut think about what him mean when he said that, probably some might stop bleaching their skin to achieve a whiter complexion, and start loving their black complexion. Until we start loving ourselves as black people, demanding respect as black people and being proud of our blackness as a people we will never get that respect.
      Black people needs to stop being ashamed of being enslaved, they did nothing wrong, wrong was done to us. Thank gad seh my colour never dilute too much and I was able to retain my ancestors blackness. ” BLACK POWER” MEH SEH.
      In saying so, we all have to live together as a people, therefore I am not advocating racist behavior, however we have to keep the struggle alive until we have achieve some form of equality in the world as a people and recognition that wrong was and still is being done against us and how it needs to stop. I do not think there is ever a wrong place or time to highlight this, especially in doing so at a place as sting. People of all walks of life needs to know how we are truly feeling, what better place. was he lying? you are a COCONUT, yuh think white people nuh know seh what their ancestors did was wrong? OOH, you nuh want them feel worse?
      yuh think Jamaica deh pon the radar, just only because of our music? look into our history and you will see. WEH Rebeleouse from long time a nuh just now . we are known across the world as that, him have rights feh chat it fram it legit.

  7. @Marsha..a tru yuh a tell d angel naw gwaan good fi BIG woman it look like she did all drunk to rass and a skin out herself pon stage so,mi love how sshe have on a big draws dis time so di nookie couldn’t jump out..

  8. Macka and har man – face self suppose to be shame like dog. Saw live up to her name and cut her up lyrically to rassclaat.!!! Saw said “A coulda who tell she say she pretty?” and “A coulda who tell she say she fabulous?” A laugh til a weak to bombo.!! Macka Demon (as Lady Saw called her) go play wid fire, and now she get burn !!!

  9. I observed that when “LADY SAW” leaked the LESBIAN CHRONICLES Macka could’nt talk so someting inna someting. LADY SAW is the UNDEISPUTED QUEEN OF THE DANCEHALL. TUFFEST female Dancehall artiste EVER!!! WICKEDER than NUFF hardcore male Dancehall artiste!!!!!! MUMA SAW FI LIFE!!!!!!!

  10. The best part for me was when Saw tell her fi go suck out her mouth and she replied, go suck out your mouth too….. I died right there…lol…

  11. I have to comment @annonymous 6:03 comment of Sizzla, gwan chu sizzla black power yes,…. how yuh mean time and place for everything??…regardless if de queen ah england did deh deh or de whole ah congress,if de man feel fi sey black power den MORE POWER TO HIM!!!…WE ALL MUST SAY IT LOUD, WE BLACK AND WE SHOULD BE PROUD!!!, why we haffi mum up when de “W” PEOPLE DEM DEH BOUT AN WHY WE HAFFI FRAID WE OFFEND DEM IF WE BRAG PON WE BEAUTIFUL RACE!!..They are after all at BLACK PEOPLE EVENT, and if Joe ah de white man being referred to as spending the most money regardless ah him race Joe is a business man first, an from money ah mek watch him all bawl out black power to!! him biznizz??!!…big up yuhself Sizzla, BLACK POWER ALL THE WAYYYYYY!!!!!! SO GOD DAMN PROUD TO BE BLACK!!!

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