25 thoughts on “EXMAN GAVE HER HERPES

  1. Well Try To Find The courage And Stay Away From That Man Because He Have Out You Through A Whole Lot Of Rubbish ‍♀️ only Because Of Love Just Focus On Your Self And Try And Find A Therapist As Soon As Possible

  2. I am really sorry to hear about what happened. Please seek professional help and remember to pray. Even though Herpes is incurable, I hope that you will find peace soon.

  3. Sender you can DM if u wanna talk or a shoulder to cry on . I understand you pain and everything you have been facing chin up queen you got this. Let pinky send u my email if u wanna chat #AmAFemaleBtw #AGreatMomAndListener

  4. mmmm… Why do i think i know you? Did the girl end up marrying to the man and have children? Do you also have a child for the man? If so this man does not want you. He uses you for his pleasure because of your low self esteem. I dont think he even wants the wife or the baby mothers. He is a narcissist but as someone who knows him very well you are the last on his list he just like to toy with you and collect children and women as status symbols so he can boast. I wish you well; I hope you all find Great men. I am his friend but would never sleep nor get into a relationship with him. Good luck my darling.

    1. I think I know your friend too. He definitely is a narcissist so have some sympathy on his victim your friend needs help. You are correct he goes around collecting babies and women for status, fake love them then replace them. I feel sorry for narcissist people because their souls are empty they are unhappy people. Rejection kills them because they love attention.

  5. Love doesn’t make you do stupid things, it’s lack of self love, self respect, and a low self esteem that does. I won’t chastise you, but I do hope that you permanently get rid of this toxic man.

  6. U a dummy my girl get some self esteem stupid u cause this on yourself it was only a matter a time

  7. This is so sad Love Makes You Blind So Anything The Person Said You Will Always Go Back Because You Found Comfort In That Person Even IF The Relationship Was Toxic.. I Really Hope You Seek Help.. Remember God Is Always Watching So Your Ex Will Get What He Deserves Very Soon

  8. Sigh. Yes hun seek a therapist,just take care of yourself don’t go back to him cause a might hiv him come give u next.

  9. Can never comprehend how a woman knows a man is a serial cheater, yet have unprotected sex with him. Despite everything, you have protected yourself from the get go. Could have been worse, he could have given you HIV. BTW, this guy appears to be a big loser and a user. Did he have a job over the years or he just live off women?

  10. No darling I won’t bash you, I was in a similar situation, you are trauma bonded and is addicted to this narcissistic person. What will heal you is learning about a narcissist abuse go on YouTube and quora ask questions, alot of people are being abuse by narcissist and we over look it. Alot of jamaican man are narcissistic and we don’t call them out on their behavior. You have to cut this person out your life block and delete them.a person that will bash you don’t understand. only when someone else is with a narcissist and experience the same will understand. I was made to be crazy when I tell my story because the person was a loving conartist to people in public. I wish you nothing but healing and happiness from here on. Just for the record a narcissist person can never love anyone they are good at faking love to use you as a doormat for what ever reason, you keep allowing him back. Block him.

  11. Sender mi can’t judge u, at least no one is perfect, it happens to the best of us. Just do what is right for u, you’re the only one that went through the ordeals with this man. Most times we as women lower our standards for love and then these bastards take us for granted.

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