Fendi unruly William man is a wicked a him take of the girl lock an carry r in the girl house because the girl not in Jamaica an she take away the girl skirt the man not even live no where the boy a one big shit him have over one hundred babymother him a one big duty boy him have him godgod babymother have two nice kids for him an the girl left him because him a dutty man him not even mind him kids them an him get bout ten kids an him don’t take care of non


  1. So is that a no to the previous question….you know the one weh we ask fi a picha of you in the skirt? I take that as a no…

  2. LOL if I never had to show my face on The Pinkwall I wouldnt either, this is about her baby daddy woman wearing her shit, wonder what else she dig up inna the woman tings. Guh see how her skin ketch a fire when she see the people dem tings, doe wear no more yah my girl, the man a john crow and he’s embarrassing you. Why u think baby madda doe wah sen in a pic of herself in the skirt, cuz this whole shit is an embarassment, the man dont give a shit bout neither of them, if she did theif it behind him back it wouldnt be so bad.

  3. @ f**ka dah segment yah name who wore it best (well better), yah dig? The man buddy principles a di least cause obviously it’s a shared service. Baby mother was brave enough to lay claim to the skirt 7 a clack dis mawning, so can the real owna please stand up.
    *side note* me like di likkle skirt to inno*

  4. He broke into the women house took off the lock and went in the women house with his other woman and allow this woman to take his other woman belongings, this is really crazy… My question is why his women don’t have some type of family member living in the house or use some people to watch her house or something, it is crazy that you can break a lock, which means it was a simple lock to crack and get into someone home that easy… I always wonder if all these locks that are on houses in JA is even worth having because if it is not a heavy duty lock it nah work for me she should a brought one from foreign that she know would keep people from breaking in… Bars all over the house you have to have to keep people from breaking into your house, that’s not a life anyone should be living..

  5. U girl stop tell lie u Neva live no where the man put u in a matches box bcz him fren them f**k u out n true him love f**k to u get catch n him sorry fi u n put u up fi catch some weh right now u deh a Florida n u still don’t live no where bcz all u family them man u f**k so them run u weh n the girl weh did sorry fi u an put u in here house a florida u f**k har man so she put u out.girl u life is a mess deh girl deh always clean Inna har own clothes them.. she nuh shop a everybody store not bcz a my fren but girl not this girl u need a life plus a house first then u can say any thing,,, . As far as me know deh man deh him mind all him kids them 100% but me nuh sure bout yours Caz him nuh sure if a fi him own but but as I say not my fren

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