The police have confirmed that a letter is being circulated to business operators in Clarendon and Manchester demanding up to $100,000 in extortion money.

The letter warns that business operators who try to resist or refuse to pay will be killed along with their families and employees.

The police say two men were apprehended in Manchester today with 15 copies of the letter in a BMW motorcar.

And investigators say they expect to make more arrests shortly as they are in possession of close circuit television footage of men distributing the letters.

The police are also urging business operators not to pay extortion money to anyone but to call them whenever they receive the letter.

The Gleaner/Power106 News Centre obtained a copy of the letter, which warned that business operators who are unable to make the extortion payments should close their businesses rather than complain about slow sales.

8 thoughts on “EXTORTION LETTER

  1. Is who own di BMW deeze postman driving?
    Release di identities of all di postman dem…di ones on CCTV hand delivering these letters.
    RELEASE THE HOUNDS and EXECUTE all persons held with a illegal firearm ON THE SPOT.
    All di souljaz inna Jamaica need fi be mobilized in cordon and search efforts. Di time fi bleeding hearts done.
    How police fi short of transportation when each and every day dem stop cyar wid drugs and illegal gun. Those vehicles are to be confiscated and immediately be put on the frontline of the war on crime. Abundance a cyar fi guh pon patrol.

  2. Nuff time people dead and no body don’t bother to mourn.

    Imagine people doing what is normal and these parasites want to reap whey dem no sew.

    Dem fi dead! This type of living can’t go on in a nation that’s trying to rise.

    You know…Jamaicans talk negative shit about the country on a daily, complain about government,problem, white man, indian, chiney and crime.

    But when you look the damn naysayers are at the root of the problem.

  3. Indecom lock you eye pon this case. Mi just waah know the bunch just the association. Mi wipe out everything and when them this confident police involve. Usually one likkle dutty under radar bwoy. But unnu fi dead to.

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