No met , me have to wonder why some a dem young gyal ya nuh guh look a work. Dis young gyal ya have her face and p**y plastered all over the internet a sell har wares. Naaa knock di hustle but I thoughts whores were supposed to be discreet ? Miss tremaine Stop sell u self fi a likkle 100US. Yes Jamaica haad but yuh can do betta.

4 thoughts on “FACE AND NO CASE

  1. Well, with the rise of ppl like Black Chyna, Amber Rose, Cardi B, using the puss for your advancement is permitted. Instagram has taken away the shame of prostituting cause it can now happen in plain sight. They want the good life too and ain’t interested in no $15/hr gig when they can make a grand in a night.

  2. When mi read “willing to travel within the Island” mi buss out a big dutty helluva stinking laugh. Really now??? TRAVEL….. within Jamaica? :2thumbup :2thumbup

  3. Y is there such a stigma attached to sex workers. Sex work is honest work, they dont put a gun to anybody’s head and demand money. A product is provided and a customer pays. Low the ppl dem a nuh everybody make fi do office work.

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