Met come come this gyal is a popular girl Inna dancehall. She come up yah come married to the man and breed fi him just fi try fi hold the man . everyday the gyal come pon fb and gwan like she happy and she know seh the man nu stop beat her . woiiiiiiii now that the man left her him seh him nah GI her NO PAPERS….. That’s y unu young gal nuffi come pon fb and gwan like unu happy because look at she nowmarried

15 thoughts on “……..FACEBOOK IS THE PLACE

  1. The gal papers in process them still married the gyal a nuh idiot and her husband still love her and want her him a big wicked man true them not together to stop her papers and them daughter lovely

  2. PAPERS INNA WHICH BC PROCESS KMFT THE BC MAN NAH GIVE HER NO PUSSYCLAAT PAPERS. Chaniel sad nuh bc she nah stop walk and look bc papers. She need fi stop kotch a the people dem bc yard . them soon put her out and further more a never chaniel bc man the boy did have him good good bc woman. The bitch go run go bc breed the man and him not even a bc look at she. Chaniel come on Fb like her life golden

  3. Sender u too bc bitter , wey u know bout d gal , leave ppl business alone sats y uno life caan better cuz uno ina ppl own

  4. Unknown is like you hurt so bad. What you don’t know bigger than you I don’t like her personally but nothing you state here is no true I swear. How the child a walk and look papers? Huh one time she married and still married. She a kotch some where for you ? If it wasn’t Chaniel man you make it seem like is yours who is him good good woman ? You people so ducking hateful and terrible pan y’all mouth to bring down a next woman what y’all gained from it ? The man love him daughter two of them bring her him duck her without condom so yea the girl ago breed look how then child nice stop talk bout run go breed stupid ass. Me don’t see the girl hype and do nothing over facebook so how she behave like her life is golden? CHANIEL PAPERS IN PROCESS HER HUSBAND GIVGING JUST WAIT ON IT

  5. Sender and what your trying to say cause it seems like this girl a hurt ur head or something and you know what’s a dancerhall girl is Kmft sometimes Unno Fi get Unno story right before send ehh mon

  6. I don’t know why chaniel had to put her business on Snap and fb…couple weeks ago she was arguing with someone on Snap and a talk her business smh from Dance hall mixup days with Jason me a follow her up on fb…she never seems to amaze me
    Also I notice it’s all about Madison while Keyshawn deh Inna the back burner smh young girl get you’re priorities right……PS due to how them yankeee ya spiteful girl good luck on getting on those papers

  7. One thing I hate with people always in people business and not theirs Anonymous 10:58 why the f**k the girl kids name have to do with anything over here? You people love to bring innocent kids in big people things

  8. girl next time write it inna yuh diary or pon piece a paper and dash it into the ocean. Why dem dumbass here need fi expose them business fi di world see? These stupid dunce airheads dont think they will ever need to look a certain type of job or that their kids will be old enough to read and comprehend one day? so annoying.

  9. What is stupid dunce airhead? The girl free to write it anywhere. She grown this is maturity cause them word there she use can show she is educated and she’s on a next path bigger level I look at at her page and she seem like her head is on her body. And you up there so why you feel the need to call the girl kids them name over here its not right I don’t care how it want go

  10. How you people must say the man don’t want her and if she never make big public statement we wouldn’t know they not together cause me shock as everyone else who comment on the picture and a beg her go back to him. Good source told me a while back Chaniel paper start and her husband still love her and willing to continue help her a good man that. And she is she left him

  11. First of all for all the people talking about people in people business, the girl literally did a update everybody pon her life everyday!

    She doesn’t seem like a bad mother, because she always post up both her kids! And if she married for papers so what!? Half a who deh a foreign married fi papers, even the nice church going kind! From what I see she looks like she do some form of work, so a nuh like she siddung deh! As bad as she be, she look like she a try do suptn fi harself and get har thing sort out!

  12. Not a work than siddung and snap how she miss her soldier man and tek pics and videos of pretty maddi on snapchat Inna her one wig she look broke too nice deh a ny a sell fe her pussy like dog

  13. Make sure you a work. You sound like you want a man to miss. Gyal have 2 kids she ago look broke. Selling pussy Is not a crime f**k and collect bitch move you bloodclaat

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