Dear Met,

The one abka a move way too thursty now,I care zero that he apologized.How insensitive can u be to release sensitive info before the family even get it,when u know they are in mourning???


  1. Hear nasty met bout people like the information. Really?? Whosoever give him that report should be fired instant! And him should be suied! Bright, how di fuk u a release confidential report fi look good eh, can imagine how much private personal report those fukas a pass on to the crewny

    1. The only place/smaddy nasty a whichever part u come outa . Yes people like information and it causes journalists fi get out of line sometimes because dem love hype dem up. Mi did seh him wrong or right to publish it? But mi know a di wrong part u come outa and may need fi go back in dere and born ova den come out di right way

  2. Anon I understand ur sentiments however all Met Did was proposition a well known fact!!We had the ice age n now our world is now in the information age.Journalists,bloggers drive this process n often that caring sensitivity gets lil or no consideration when chasing the next big sensational headlines.

    You are outta line with the nasty comment since it was so uncalled for…but yes abka is disgusting+tax!

  3. Sender you can tell you hate Abka on a personal level and not because of the post he made!

    What he did was wrong in posting the report. But I can’t flack a man who apologised not only publicly, but to both the parents of the boy before last week Fridays match at St. George’s. He didn’t have to go that far but he did!

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