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  1. I agree! Btw partners are not legal but most West Indians & other cultures do because it force you to SAVE big time which is good for those who are not good saving in their own or need to save for a big ticket item.

  2. Good morning met what most people don’t understand is not everybody wants the glitz and the glamour most are content with working hard with 2 jobs to get what they need out of this life and the ones that God goes with as how he stated believe that God will bring them to where he wants them because when all the material comes they can maintain it and they didn’t lose a piece of their soul to get it because when side hustle buys things in this country and the goverment says prove how did you attain it and your paper trail cannot brace the cash money trail then it no longer belongs to you and just like that it’s gone so with that old adage puss and dog nuh have di same luck dem gwaan wid all kinda illegal f**kery in dis place and den waan tun round mekk hard working people feel like dem a failure just because dem wake up and guh a dem 9-5 everyday but cuh pon unuh tuh tsk mnl

  3. Tek Tek although they might not be legal I have known people to take people to court for susu money and got monies owed to them, after all it’s a binding agreement and even realtors who sell houses are aware of and do include this when asking about down payment on houses

  4. Disagreee! Every mickle mek a muckle. Wats wrong wid a 9-5? Poor hard rerking people need a tax break;what r u talkin about!
    So all those people making ends-meet by working hard and sacrificing, they don’t get nuh credit.
    You ah talk bout juss barely makin it..gwey yah man!!
    Additional income can be made…yes u av susu….which by the way is ILLEGAL, your money is NOT protected by the FDIC….and u have other “sundry” ways u can mek money…but please don’t put down the “fibre” of wat keeps the (US) economy going….the hard-working labour force, be it minimum wage or top-wage.

    I myself have a profession NOT a career!!!!

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