1. :thumbup Chotski City. Ms Painter before you offer your services please look up sheetrock, sand paper, spackle and primer because no painter in their right mind would paint over all those imperfections.

  1. The sink is nice! But less is more sometimes way too much going in such small space, too much. Take some items out your bathroom and it will look better & feel more spacious!

  2. she no have no man cause dere is no way in gods green earth any man in his right mind is going to live under them overcrowded conditions…and i hope dat is not really dat toilet seat cover wid di coins embedded into it…cause dat is some tacky ass bullshit….dwrcl

  3. Basement bathroom? Kill majority of those things and keep the essentials. Toothburshes should be in the cabinet and not left out, especially near the commode.

  4. Ms. Lady, we can tell seh yuh do dis all by yourself, so dats why we nah go holla!! Cah ef yuh did get ‘elp, dem woulda tell yuh fi sell di pedestal sink, buy one regula one and use di change fi buy cupboard fi unda it. Dat way yuh can put di chaka chaka inna di cupboard, an stap strain di poor likkle ole shelf. Dat is one miserable lookin shelf..mi know di shelf hignarant seh a yuh own it. I wouldn’t even tackle di floral arrangement :hoax2
    One final note….yuh neva ‘memba di ceiling???

  5. Can she fit in that space oh oh maybe she enter sideways cause that’s a big girl for a small space :ngakak :alay

  6. Bwoy this here bathroom too busy fi me and look like mi grandmother bathroom with all the things. Or is it a case where the person put out everything they own for the bathroom

  7. one big ole ghetto disgn. Only a casket this idiot can design. She must be having a nervous break down to do this mess. Bathrooms are suppose to be free from cluster light in color and as few shit as possible. That way air will pass thru n less mold. That must be one crawny germs lerking bathroom. There is no way she can clean that proper. My bathroom is clear off all junk.

    Soap- check
    n bath mat not one shit more and under sink little hair things. Who wants this germ breathing place to shit and shower in

  8. Bhutto Bhutto place. At least she take pride in it. It seems clean even though it look confusing. But she take pied inna di place n it’s more than many people can say for themselves

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