Head of the St James Police, Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor says the father of 3-year-old Leshay Thomas who was found dead at the Dump Up Beach on Tuesday had admitted to killing her before he escaped police custody.

According to SSP McGregor while being questioned by police investigators, 25-year-old Raswell Thomas made the admission on two occasions.

Head of the St. James Police, Senior Superintendent Steven McGregor
SSP McGregor says during the question and answer session, Thomas disclosed that he had a dispute with the mother of his child and that this played a role in his action.

According to McGregor, Thomas indicated that he was upset with her because he was spending a lot of money to support her but now believed she was having an affair.

SSP McGregor says information gathered by the police indicated that Thomas was involved in lottery scamming.

Thomas was found dead in an abandoned building on Thursday night hours after he escaped police custody.

SSP McGregor says during yesterday’s question and answer session with his lawyer at the Barnett Street Police Station Thomas jumped through a window and ran.

He says information gathered by the police indicate that Thomas subsequently got help to remove his handcuffs and later went into hiding.

SSP McGregor says investigations are being conducted into Thomas’ escape and his murder.


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    On Topic, mi nuh know how him fi escape custody just so, maybe the police dem made it easy for him to go, cuz dem know jungle justice would reach di ole wicked. rest in hell.

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  2. I hope them start use the forfeited monies to build new stations with US standard holding cells. We need the same contractors or archetictual plans.

    JPS and water a one deterrent that can be ironed out.

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