‘Not All Jamaicans Are Pests, Nuisances’, Says T&T Talkshow Host

Barrington ‘Skippy’ Thomas … says he stands by his comments because many Jamaicans are invited to Trinidad to carry out criminal activities.
Sherine Williams, Gleaner Writer

The Trinidadian talk show host who made local headlines after referring to Jamaicans as “pests” and “nuisances” says his comments were not directed at all Jamaicans.

Earlier this week, while speaking about Jamaicans on Power 102 FM in Trinidad, Barrington ‘Skippy’ Thomas, said he supports immigration officials who turned back Jamaicans attempting to enter Trinidad and Tobago.

However, speaking with The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre this afternoon, Thomas said his comments were only meant for Jamaicans who commit crimes in his country.

Trinidadian radio talkshow host Barrington ‘Skippy’ Thomas
Thomas said he stands by his comments because many Jamaicans are invited to Trinidad to carry out criminal activities.

He says this is an embarrassment to law-abiding Jamaicans in Trinidad


  1. I can’t even understand what the average Trini person is saying so no point in me going there. Dis bwoy a use Jamaican name fi gain favour wid di Indians in him country who wouldn’t even spit on him if he was on fire.

    The tables must turn, gwan say as much as unno can bout wi. Mi will live to see the tables turn. Circle a life must gwan.

  2. The Jamaican govt should think long and hard about exiting Caricom. It is obviously not for us and pure pretense. Caricom is dead on arrival and obviously for the benefit of the eastern Caribbean. Instead of this feigned unity, let us use our time to think of new markets and industries to move into and grow our economy. Find a way to make the country secure, stop the brain drain and entice those abroad to come back home and build. We are an innovative and creative people our products are world renown, we have greatness in our DNA, so fck who nuh like us and go it alone and teck back wi name. If wi a pariah in di sea, den meck wi stick to wiselves and leave deze ppl out wi collective consciousness.

  3. Have you notice all other countries cant stand alone unless they use JAMAICAN in it? Look how Riri and Nicki use our phrases and reggae beat to get a come up. smt In the industry, they have other island people besides a JAMAICAN giving them insite of how reggae music move.

    Even in dancehall, you see nuff jafakons. If you dont ask where they come from, you wouldn’t know. Every island love “our” culture but cant stand us.

  4. I blame the successive Jamaican governments for not creating and developing a paradigm where Jamaican can be educated and work, without having to travel to each and every country, seeking ‘gainful’ employment.

    It is true, when some of us migrate to other countries, we have a penchant for subverting respective laws of said land and as such, we are labeled in many a derogatory regard. Such is unfortunate, as there are so many other Jamaican migrants who’ve done a great deal in the area of contributing to the development of their adopted homes.

    None the less, it is never okay and we should never tolerate being called ‘pests and nuisances’. Such is utterly disrespectful. Jamaican consume a lot of Trinidadian product and we need to start by boycotting those products. No disrespect to the Mexicans, however, we are treated as if we are the Mexicans in the Caribbean–in the context of how the Mexicans are perceived and treated in the US.

    A gentleman called into the Steppin’ Razor the other day, livid, stating that he was mistreated in trinidad and how that country was out of line for deporting him. The is a man who was granted a 6-month visa and he overstayed for 5 and a half years. This man honestly believe that he was wronged.

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