Robert ‘Father Doza’ Williams, owner of Jamaica’s Rebel T sound was sentenced yesterday in a Florida court to thirty months. Williams was held by U.S authorities with over 1000k of marijuana and pleaded guilty to owning 650lbs of the illegal narcotic. After Williams serves his 30 months he will be subjected to five years of supervised release which includes maintaining a lawful job, drug testing every 15 days and meet his family’s responsibilities.

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  1. WTF???!!! 30 months for 1000lBS of weed. Seems like an exceptionally short amount of time.

      1. Not really, he admitted to 650lbs of it being his, the other amounts I guess he said it belonged to others. The maximum time to what he pleaded to was 42 months. He is a first time offender, plus 5 yrs parole is tough

    1. They Still picking up people on that case. They just pick up his brother Roger last month under same case. They still have more warrant out

  2. Now we can confirm that he is indeed working for the FEDS. This short sentence proves that. Given time served, early release, he will be out in a few months.

  3. His lucky that it wasn’t years and he got months so he came out very lucky on this one and he can come out early on good behavior not all have the same luck him get.

    1. So 30 months nuh equal years?

      I may not be the amount of years he could have got, but it is still 2 & 1/2 years!

  4. Has doza been held since last year or was he out on bail? Him will get credit for time already served the 5 years probation a the tough part.

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