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  1. Only Rhianna and Janelle Monae looked good. Beyoncé looked the worst and Solange is just a bit too eccentric for me.

      1. Aww, I love that hippie look, even though I know I’d look like a bag lady if I attempted it. Rihanna, well her showing belly skin is not exactly innovative for her.
        Charlize Theron killed all of the above stone dead, though. In a “I’m wearing my frock, my frock aint wearing me” way.
        Good evening ( I’m forgetting my manners).

        1. @Oh Well, Charlize slayed it in her black and white Dior which wasn’t the least bit surprising as she is always the best dressed at all the awards and events. Beyoncé needs to borrow her stylist.

        2. Charlize looked great but very predictable I love her style but I must say Rihanna was my fave very fresh clean n on point go Riri

    1. Yep! lolol…all de madda frock to. All that curtain cloth and she still look bare. Slonage should a leave her hair out fi scale out de bouffant a de bottom a de tangerine.

      1. Phantom, Kizzy soo tek Hollyood by storm….from mi scroll dung and si Solange dress, mi seh ” but mi raaas nuh one ah Kizzy bitchupness dat?”

  2. Ri Ri took itttttt. Everybody sidestepping it but Lupita missed di mark dis time. Her dress look like d fishing nets from Old Man n d Sea where he dragged in a mermaid n some sea morass on his net.

    I wonder who dressed her dis time or dem starting to mess her up now?Jury out on Beyawnces mesh dress too unless its studded with carats of real diamonds

    1. It looks like somebody got tired Lupita getting votes for best dressed and decide to fix har by putting her in that hot mess.

  3. Anon 3:09…on point. Ri alone look good inna de line up….Zoe brought me to a plantation flashback…lolol

  4. Everybody costume look good in their version of Charles James old world glamour couture.

  5. 1, Tried way to hard, and over bleached. Up do’s just aren’t you.
    2, Would have slayed if pigeons didn’t met a net in her hair.
    3, Luck Charms and Pocahotas had a black baby. We forgive because you always get it right.
    4 Somebody good good curtains missing.
    5, Janet Jackson want back her face. You went with #4 to teff good good curtains.
    6, The most interesting thing about you was your hair. That’s it!
    7, Mi nah seh ah word. Mi know fi leave mad people to dem-self..

    1. Lol no sahhhh while ur here is it true that one side effect of Prozac is excessive masturbation???? Mi live fi see mad ppl call ppl mad lmaooooooo grung here I come ——————————————————–

  6. Met yu kip big partya and nuh invite me…..??/ :cool Beyonstray have on Body Make up….Lupita …….if yu neva wah go yu shoulda tell dem…………..Solange fava da big oman disco oman deh…..mi cah memba ar name ,,OH YES! Donna SUmmer ……………PS Beyostray look like shi inna di commercial unu memba da long time cigarette commercial deh wid did camel ……………….

  7. Queen B took 1st prize for me even though the still photo does the dress less justice. On the video the beading on that dress is spectacular. Rihanna’s very nuce as well.

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