A father appeared in the Princes Town Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with the grievous sexual assault of his 17-year-old son.
The 50-year-old man appeared before Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan, who granted bail on the condition that the man not come within two miles of his son and have no contact whatsoever.
The man is alleged to have assaulted the boy last week.
He was represented yesterday by attorney Petronilla Basdeo, who told the court the man had suffered a head injury last year.
Among the conditions for bail are that the accused move out of the family home and report to the nearest police station once a week.
He was granted bail of $200,000.


  1. Who cares if the man suffered a head injury doesn’t give him the right to assault his son and this sorry piece of excuse of a father is granted bail… smfh

  2. I would agree that Jamaica has more crime than Trinidad,however by far the depravity of the crimes being committed in Trinidad supercedes yard by far!

    I’m getting up there in age but in all my days I’ve never heard of a father raping his son,nowhere in the world but waaaaittt here comes this news outta Trinidad smh!

  3. Clearly this man is a damn threat to society so he is bailed out and allowed to roam the community as long it’s not near his son?? Really
    That judge needs help

  4. That’s because If Trinidad locks up all its rapists ….. they would have to close the island their crimes regarding this kind of abuse is just too much

  5. Honestly head trauma can cause people to behave outside the norm.Docile people have been known to display violent tendencies after head trauma.And it has gone the other way as well.He could have a good case,especially if he has never been abusive before.

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