1. Mi na lie the last time Mi c a ugllllllllllllllly creature a wen mi watch chucky no sa chucky come for your daughters they cannot find their true identity!! Oooooooooonu ugllllllllllllllllllllllly badddddddddddddddddd if uglllllly was a crime oooooooonu would definitely charged!

  2. Chucky big face dolly move away frm the camara if u ugly 1 more time is a sin good thing u put down da clown makeup for ur own good

  3. so this was in the early 80s right?What horrendous make-up lawwwdd!Thats why mi nuh suck punash enuh cuz look how punny juice rotten out di whole a da yute deh front teeth!Without all the filters and photoshoppin apps, we now see how double ugly yall are yuck!

    1. The makeup is the first thing that caught my attention. Their faces look silver all over. Thank god for Youtube cause their makeup looks so much better now

  4. This is a old video, saw dolly in Toronto at a all white years ago and she didn’t look ugly at all, short though

  5. Did i hear correctly Dolly saying “We doing it BIG bitches and whattt” :bingung This girl who has never been independent her entire life really talking like that? :bingung even now still to this day this chick still live at home with her mom, sister, and son. :hoax2 #Girlbye Keep Faking it until you actually make it girl :ngakak :ngakak

  6. They finally put down the infamous CVS make-up they use to wear around these times. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  7. Mi hear like 6 different people in the camera .Mi hear a jamaican. Then mi hear a english woman another time. Then mi hear a yankee another time. Shit I think one time mi hear a irish person. I looked up thinking to see to a leprechaun.

  8. All of dem uuuuuugly sweets look like a tranny, dolly blowfish face :najis
    And Kim P look like a old madam

  9. Yes it is a old video but the ALL WHITE would be older video cause the ALL WHITE party was the first time dem come a CANADA and and dem di look like shit…if you have to cake on make up to look like a dolly you are a fake..when you look like a dolly naturally you can call yu self dat…there is so much beautiful ladies in dance and dem na hype up dem self a dem video man fi feature instead of these CLOWNS…dem gal here no love dem self from yu a bleach you have low self a steem

  10. :ngakak yow dem ppl yah lol my Jamaican ppl dem odd but it funny… Me love how dem use to talk tings a di end a dem dancehall dvd dem

  11. Why dem mouth suh big and open up like a blow up doll? Yuh can tell the amount of koki dem suck mek dem mouth tan suh.

  12. My impression is they are over hype and that is not flattering in the least. In fact it comes across as quite ghetto. The speech lets down lots of these females from the dancehall fraternity I guess it’s something they can work on for future…..

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