The letter was said to be uncovered by a Historian from Yale university Beverley Gage .Gage revealed her discovery in a piece in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, which shows the original one-page letter in full. An image of the letter reveals it was typewritten, with some of its errors hand corrected. It addresses the Reverend as “King,” its writer indicating that he refuses to “dignify your name with either a Mr. or a Reverend or a Dr.”


  1. Rip Martin Luther king.
    So Sad That Were Just Now Seeing What Taste less Pricks work in our justice system thinking.That think its ok to break very laws they put in writing that them themselves should not break but do continuously do everyday.im sure what ever sex they claim u did or adultry u so call did or what ever lies they paid off people to say.N e way they break there own ammendments with unlawful spying surveillance an so forth.either way on sight ur ending may have look bad but u are the real winner courageous never back down to f**king tricks and now u r in spirit where u could do virtually anything to turn this place upside down with no repercussion But u are a man of peace n i respect that Either way ur a winner. But Imagine a spirit who feels they were unjustly targeted who very pissed now what would a spirit like that do.Anyway I will sign off by saying Dr.king I love you for the STAND U TOOK FEARLESS AND COURAGOUS NOTHING BEATS THAT IN A MAN.YOU LIF D IS SO FUNNY BECAUSE IF THIS POST WAS ABOUT HOW A NEXT GAL LOOK OR WHCH MAN DEH CHEAT OR A BY NOW THIS WOULD HAVE HAD A OVER 1000 COMMENTS BUT UR LEADER GETS NOTHING SAD.BLESSED DAY FOLKS THEY HAVE U RIGHT WERE THEY WANT U WOTH THE VAIL OF VANITY OVER UR EYES SO THEY CAN PUT THERE WICKEDNESS IN TO MOTION.WITHOUT NOTICE.LOVE ALWAYS.

  2. Watch yuh body Bev cause Dr. King files have been under wraps for several decades now and mi no know how yuh find this. Them say 2027 they will release it to the public. Yuh is r 13 years ahead a them.

  3. This is disheartening, and could not be revealed for GOOD intentions. In any event, the FACTS remain that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated his life to the advancement of mankind. I won’t take those allegations to heart because the aim is to break our spirit. So to the writer/publisher of that letter…..hope you are adequately prepared to handle the consequences….:travel

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