1. She stay bad eeh. My gosh. I don’t know if ppl can pierce dem jaw corner or dem teeth in di back a dem mouth….so someone pls come tell me is what kinda metal that ina har mouth corna. Kmt. The party neva flop… what is the video for???? U sho’ gots time on ur hands boo boo.

  2. Melissa is a disgrace a no good mother hear the things them weh she a talk beside her kids .. Dirtyness .. Bully she a Gwann like .. 🙁 ugly no bloodcloth .. Yes you have clothes but you no have no beauty you look like drag queen n transvesti bitch.. Me like you man though .. Him say him sick a you..

  3. Queen bee you right .. She a try scare people with her big old ugly self n her monster voice.. She look like a demon

  4. Dancehall ppl a one set a wicked nobody need she fi remind us dat but anyways my girl try save a Lil extra bleaching cream for ur black hands n knuckles ur face n rest a ur body not matching ijs

  5. A how much party fi d yr u keep and dem come bout u vex. Oh gosh nuh round robin so u get u draw. u want break d people dem nuh want break too. Wat a damn nerve.dem cum all and u vex cause dem nuh come 1. Oh gosh it look lik a u a the damn wicked

  6. Guess going forward her dance dem fi really flop! This is disgusting…people a get force fi go dance now a days friendships held hostage because a dance :travel

  7. why she mad that ppl didnt turn up but yet gloating she aint supporting ppl party? Issues much lol go help ur son wid him homework an get off social media twat

  8. Melissa you want a buss so bad first thing first, you should of brush your teeth and was off the make up from the dance before you do video.if the dance wasn’t flop this video wouldn’t make fool fool is also a big tired waist gal so fix up your chat . you wanted our money to mine your man its not happening. Go invest in some winter gear and stop walk with your pussy on your neck.abayyyyyyyyy

  9. the party did flop, hear how she sound like she wan cry, lol. Melissa ur f**king make up is UGLY, Kay hate yuh fi do yuh face like that, stop keep dance now, gosh.

  10. She’s 1 iq away from di brain shutting down spontaneously! Hush we feel your pain mix sum chocolate tea and give yuh son den guh help him wid him school work the video with your child is not a good look!!!

  11. I got news for you Mel because apparently u r new to dancehall. Dem treacherous and trifling bad, Annuh now dis a gwaan my girl if u kip too much party dem boycott, if u nuh support fi dem party dem nuh support fi u and yes dem chat ppl like crazy.u nuh see how dem oogle ppl when dem a walk in a di party.(I re-call a friend saying to me that one of the reasons she hates going to dem party deh is di rude and uncomfortable way dem stare pon u) u Ms Mel probably do it to and don’t even realize. Dats just di way how that world run so is eedah u deal wid it or u lef it alone but no amount a shouting and bullying whe u a do agguh change anything. A just so da ting deh set. I know I couldn’t be a part of dat world it’s clearly a misfit for moi so child grow a thick skin like the vet dem such as Frenchie et al or bounce.
    Met greetings.

  12. Why poly must mek Kay do dem face so. Cake on the makeup like is another skin. 2nd one in 2 weeks. Mel and bobbette with the plastered face

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