****Please pick sense out of nonsense in the article below..People say a true but nuh watch di asian indian ray tay*************
Two women posing as having car problems are preying on the good nature of female motorists and robbing them when they attempt to lend assistance.
One of the female highway robbers is of Asian descent, most likely Indian .
Speaking to Loop News, a PR/Marketing female executive told of how on her way home on Thursday at around 7.30 pm, she was flagged down by an Indian woman who alighted from a car with flashing hazard lights on Kingsway. The Indian woman came up to the driver’s window and said her car had stalled because it had ran out of gas. With no money on her person, she asked the executive whether she could lend some assistance and get her and her friend out of their predicament .
While the Kingston-based executive paid attention to the Indian woman, another woman came up to the passenger side of the car and attempted to grab her handbag. The PR executive quickly pressed the gas in an attempt to get away. She subsequently called King Alarm who in turn alerted the police.
Since the incident, the PR executive’s social media platforms have blown up with similar tales in Long Lane, Lyndhurst Road, Constant Spring Road and Millsborough.
In some cases the female highway robbers use a child as a prop in their nefarious acts to dupe unsuspecting female motorists and then rob them.
Loop News is asking female motorists to be vigilant and at all times safeguard themselves and their handbags.


  1. The Swiss reality is more of a function of the mindset and education level of the citizenry… Give more guns to Americans and we will have more deaths by the gun–especially in the urban areas…

    1. There’s no study that supports your theory, that’s mere conjecture. Are you staying there aren’t uneducated people or urban cities in Switzerland? Or are you one of this black folks that have been white washed into thinking that black people are more intrinsically violent than their white counterparts? Almost all mass murders have been perpetrated by white people so that inner city argument is flawed.
      It’s a proven fact that when everyone is armed, criminals are more reticent to attack as guns are the great equalizers.
      There’s a city in Georgia (memory cheats me) where every household has an arsenal. You know what? There’s been one murder in the last decade and the murder weapon was a knife.
      Don’t you dare buy into the misformation aimed to sell gun control.

  2. No not at all; we don’t have more of a proclivity to become violent or commit crimes. Also, note that I am not using urban as a euphemism for black people or other minorities; my reference to the urban trappings has to do with the concrete jungle mentality that exist there in.
    You say conjecture and I say hypothesis; I don’t need a study to support my claim. Most studies are subjective–primarily leaning toward the prejudices of the researcher and the funder…
    Relative to Scandinavia, of course, I am not so naive to think that there aren’t any uneducated citizens in their urban cities–else, their literacy rate would be that of 100%.
    What we do know is that Scandinavians are not as bellicose as their American counterparts. Therefore, I am not surprised that they function in the manner that they have. I have the capacity/vantage point to extrapolate and conclude that if Americans were to gain access to more guns, that we would see more deaths by means of gun related references.
    I have am aware of cities where in each resident is mandated to own a gun and that in some of those cities, gun related crime is at a minimum. However, most of those cities are relatively smaller towns/cities. If applied to any of our major metropolis type areas, we won’t realize the same results.
    I don’t buy into the politics of gun control or the lack there of–that’s just politics and I know better than that. America is full of belligerent xenophobic bigots who believe that the gun and the threat of its use will solve most issues of the world…

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