1. It’s the truth she is very materialistic. Some girls just love material stuff I guess.Did she finish college?

    1. morning is like she nuh know nothing then..smaddy can a get up a talk bout say dem can buy dear clothes n call dat blessed?

  2. Milan is my friend and she’s still young. She enjoys the things young people do and like always, when you weren’t born with money, you’re impressed by it. She’s married and Richard seems to adore her. Maybe with the baby, she’ll come to see blessings as the things that money can’t buy.

    1. No when you’re frightened you act so many people born poor and get rich don’t act like half these people on social media
      But since oonuh in the know what is his source of income
      Im being nosy lol

      1. Saying that since she’s not from money and impressed by it, is that not the exact thing as you saying “she frighten”?
        It’s a fact that most people who are not from money are more inclined to show it off when they stumble upon on it as opposed to someone who was born into it. There are those that are naturally humble, have grown to be humble or even choose to be humble, but it’s more the exception than the rule. After all, everybody knows that new money flaunts.
        The source of income is, she smart enough to choose wisely in a mate, a husband to be more precise.

  3. Morning Metty and Metters. Blessings tuh dem mean di most expensive designer things. Den wha ago happen when dem caan buy dem??? Tuh dem it gwine be ah curse. What a tragic set!!!

  4. Ugh ! I didn’t no who she was so I decided to be nosey & my God is her husband sexy ! Jealous Much ! Lmao

    1. A true…him cute bad…and she is not a pretty girl to me so wah she need fi do is thank di Lord say she find a nice man fi mine ar lol…an please nobody nuh badda trace me cause if she did pretty to me I would certainly say so. I hate to see dese gyal weh gwaan like dem betta dan certain tings…den di eediat dem a go comment bout appreciate you for not being ashamed of where u come from kmt

      1. He aiiightttt mi no see no great beauty inna it a hope ano cause him white unnu a slap on hot n sexy pon him so enough

        1. Nah…skin color is not a feature that attracts me to a person…mi deh wid black white an blue before, and I happen to think he’s very cute regardless…her on the other hand-not so much lol

  5. I shop at target and Wal-Mart and so is people that have money… name brand is nothing to be frighten over, its just clothes and shoes weh cannot even mek yuh look good unless yuh already look good.
    I would feel betta if I see dem an facebook a brag bout asset than clothes.
    Met good afternoon…. Hey Metters..

    1. Tar-jay as Oprah would call it, a desso di billionaire Oprah shop cause them carry Zac Posen , Isaac Mizrahi n many more designers that these bats don’t even know so when mi see dem a gwaan ova di common stuff mi not even look pon dem cause dese bags they be toting around are the mass produced shits so them can relax kmt
      I loveeeeee Target fi the spring they had some lovely Kate Spade sweaters whey mi wear come a work and di whole a di white girls at my job busy dung a Bloomingdales a look fi dem cause when dem ask mi where I bought dem a straight dung a Bloomingdales mi send dem meck dem look di them eye drop out lmaoooo

      1. Chute yuh not nice ooooo
        But ah doan wrong yuh mi gyal… Nopes, not at all lol
        Afternoon one and all

  6. frighten friday to the fullest! she betta know seh wen ppl dead dem cant burry dem tings wid dem! humble yuhself betta dan day mumma! nuff “rich” ppl dead lef many of the poor ppl dem suh give tonx fi di life weh yuh av! VANITY is a bad sickness!!!!!!!!!

  7. Met some a dem confuse blessing wid material things….yes its good she will be able to provide fi har child but fi talk bout brand brand brand an blessings..she a confuse it

  8. Bwoy ppl, look like am working too hard, so me sloooow bad…but who is she…and betta yet who tha her hubby…Bwoy met me affi peep more often……but the work a beat me baddd..

  9. all who said that white bwoy is cute wicked he is a ugly white bwoy sorry to say he unattractive no white ooman would give him the time of the day I dont think milan ugly she cute and has a nice body but she seem ditzy as hell and fool fool

  10. Milan jus overdone more time. As tuh di husband, him look okay. To each his own, but nuttin to me like a man weh “well done” …#loveblackskinmen

  11. Shallow bad! Mi think d girl did a guh seh thank God for d gift of life, health strength , and so on, she equate being blessed to going to d dollar store, pathetic!

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