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  1. I hope Mayweather ignores this fool!!!
    10 – 5 cents is trying to use Floyd to promote his boxing company that he started using Floyd’s friendship.
    He’s also trying to distract Mayweather so he will lose next month against Maidana.
    Why else would he start this fu@$#%y now???
    Badmind is a wicked thing!!!

  2. 50 acts like a scorned ex girlfriend.. Get over it.. Seems like since Floyd stop par with him him start act like one little b!tch.. Him put up d “don’t hold grudge” post because dem start do him up.. 50 can’t even read a check.. The check is frm goldenboy ent to Floyd.. he gets mad because Floyd responded with the post of a check.. Why get mad when u started it.. Smh

    1. Fifty clearly stated where the cheque come from…the question him ask Mary is if him a work fi Oscar (De la hoya) why him check a come from One of Oscar’s ventures. Mary weather fi go put up.

  3. Fifty cents you don’t have nothing to do , you no have homework to check and parks to visit with your kids, you don’t have your self to improve and upgrade, you don’t have charities to help, for you have a man’s body but act like a boy, you have time to waste, since you have so much time to do these things everything about your life must be perfect, you’re just another crab in a barrel, no wonder other races don’t respect us because we don’t respect ourselves.
    Go help cure Ebola.

  4. Lolol…fiddy naw done fi …. now mi nuh kno weh Floyd gone start him up fa, once him start a it dat because him love di f..ckry…di two a dem a mascot

  5. I am not a big Mayweather fan…can’t stand the cooning and show off business…BUT…EVERYBODY MUST get a check from SOMEONE…50’s royalty checks come from a record label…does HE work for the label? Is a eediat argument 50 start…illiteracy is not a joke!!!

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