1. she did nothing to her daughter this time.. Marsha on the good side fi a change>>> word on the street is that the malice come over argument pertaining a man demecia have wey a beat her. mother nuh like it and tell daughter fi get out a dat coz the man all beat her in front of the child. but coz demecia love sweets she nah leave the man coz him pay rent and buy her little f**kry from time to time suh she can hype pon social media.. but it look like she and the youth nah chat again,u don’t c no more pics of money and so forth on her social media suh that means nutten nah gwan. no shopping or nothing nah post up a just regular pic of clubbing and wen she reach yard after ATI. she huh even mek it to ATI. guess nobody nah buy pussy and mother and her malice so marcia nah pimp her out mek she mek a change…..

  2. It look like a longtime now .. Them vexx dwl Marcia and har big friend young mike put dung one tearments , lastweek :ngakak :ngakak

  3. @ Prettynikki , come talk di tings and the tearments bout young girl Young Mike and Marcia plz an tonks .

  4. Someone please do talk I have her on IG and was wondering if her thing set. Don’t know her but pinkwall have me away that these dancehall groupie FAKE

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