Hey met…
there was a fight at fluxx night club on sunday btween these two females. The one in the blue pants is stargirl poca and the one in the strip pyjama set is cora. I hear cora put a beating on poca I wonder why… and of course it would NEVER BE a dama between women if michelle mention didnt involve himself!!! Details on this fight please! Wish i Screenshot_2014-10-28-09-18-04
Screenshot_2014-10-28-13-42-52-1knew more


  1. Dwllll….Senda mi waan fight yuh. Lol. Lol. What yuh say Cora have on???? Stripe what??? Yuh dpe see di girl have on har good up tights set. Lmaooo. Yuh bitta sender. Mi like how yuh say it slick an jus keep it moving. JMGers bad sah. Dwl

  2. Another Jamaican female bites the dust:
    JetBlue passenger from Hollywood hid cocaine in her vagina, authorities say
    Woman charged with trafficking cocaine admitted to hiding the drug in her vagina, officials say A Hollywood woman was arrested on a cocaine trafficking charge after she admitted during a security search at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport that she was holding cocaine in her vagina, according to an arrest affidavit.
    KathyAnn Ferguson, 26, flew in on a JetBlue flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica, around 4:30 p.m. Sunday, the Broward Sheriff’s Office affidavit stated.
    During a secondary search, authorities said, Ferguson admitted to a Customs and Border Protection officer that she had a package inside her vagina.
    Emily Miller, Once in custody, Ferguson voluntarily removed the package, which tested positive for cocaine, the affidavit said. The cocaine totaled 175 grams, or about six ounces.
    Ferguson was taken to a hospital for further medical attention before she was booked into the Broward Main Jail. She has been released on a $15,000 bond, jail records show.

  3. Cora fought the friend..the video was everywhere for 2 days ..y’all are late..there was also a video of poca burning Cora’s shoe..who does that lol anyways all the video footage is gone I’m sure it’ll pop up again

  4. Somebody…anybody…please send the video links tuh Metty. We here on JMG will then review all video footages very carefully and decide who the winner of this beat down wass…I know somebody out there got the video links..sen on and stop playin…

  5. Is it me one or has Poca time really come to an end as fast as it start…. I mean we all no Cora old news now not throwing shade but as for Poca I mean me tiyad fi hear her name like cho atleast Mike empress and Jason (and di fat bwoy can’t memba him name tink some people call him big bird) have dem so call fashion ideas for use to critic on but as for her well damn me nah work a sirens and she’s like there live Model can see everything in store pon her !!!!

  6. both girs are grown women with kids fighting over a 50 yr old guy poca sells crack for him and cora claims to have his baby….both gual dem is old news…poca use to f**k my baby father and end up give him a STD he cant even stand the sight of her shes nasty

  7. oh watch ya like I said before nasty gual poca use to f**k my baby father and give him STD my baby father said he knows both girls and the man that dem a war ova he said the man don’t even want none of them. Poca is his drugs bag or his “mule” as the system will call it so shes the one basically feeding the man and have to do the dirty work bringing the drugs into to Canada she f**k 2 of his fren dem before looking him and my baby father said as soon as poca start f**ing the 50yr old man …. the man go ketch a $3million dollar drug charge which all mek the news as my baby father said I guess her pussy is crosses the man is a fool to even involve him self with these fools….and as I told my baby father he is a fool to have even give me bun with a STD horin bag… he said all cora do is suk hood from long time and charge fi swallow. her pussy and mouth was also the cause of the man getting the 3million dollar charge all these girls are waste I wish I new the man fi tell him more things but my father don’t want to tell me who…when I give him a good f**k tonight I will tell you who the man is but mi waa si di video dem someone please send them innn

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