A family in Clarksville Tennessee was asked to remove the Halloween display below because neighbors found it offensive. The display depicts an African American family hanging lynch style that reminded some African Americans neighbors of slavery.


  1. My heart dropped when I saw what looked like a little child hanging on to the leg of one of the lynched. Wow…..and this was done by an African American family. I hope they don’t think this is funny at all.

  2. WOW!!!!!!! I know im gonna get a backlash for this but…In the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA here there is nothing known as MORALS or SELF RESPECT, how can someone think of something like this at a time like this when every week there is some race crime going on and think its funny??????? all because they kno it will get some mention on social media smh, we r lost

    1. ……they do not care ..u do know that most of these people are racist inside their homes …the blacks call whites all sorts of names at home……and the whites do the same ..

  3. Karma is a bitch, and sometimes what we wish bad for others might come back to haunt us. Dem wish dis hanging by de neck fe adda people, but guess wha? dis might be a pre – cursor to fe dem ownna death. Time will tell fe dem. Some people are just plain evil.

  4. Dem jus ah promote ignorance and hate. How can ANY race put up sumting like dis as DECORATION….much less black people. Ah fool dem fool suh fi even think dis is cute :bingung What lesson dem ah teach dem pickney….nuh wonda some ah dem lost an nuh hav nuh direction inna life.

  5. Suh where it seh is a black family do it? Shame that people still a cross certain lines..di lines dem blurr nowadays inah ebry aspect a live and people always a push di button..watah disgrace pan di human race

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