7 thoughts on “FIND THE ERROR

  1. I wonder if it was indeed a error.
    Maybe they are reaching out to a wider cross section of society,off land and into sea.

    Causen sey like how dem already have:
    Tin man
    The wizard
    Scare crow
    Lion….maybe dem Finding Dori yah now.

  2. Then to think some ppl really get upset when we a do our likkle grammar police wuk!!Look from when we been a preach the importance of proper grammar especially because bad grammar often changes the context of what u trying to say.It’s not nitpicking,it’s important yo!

    Up to last week I saw a comment on here with the person cussing someone n sey dem a send threat ….but a treat dem u know that missing “h” mek all the difference. Now see it ya again with a missing “u” :travel :cd :malu2 .

    Signed sarge in charge
    To correct and serve
    Without fear nor favour!

  3. Guess I won’t be going to Kansas then. Unless is means instead of shaking my hand when I arrive….they’ll kiss my as* instead. Dwll :salaman :bedug :maafaganwati :sungkem

  4. It damn sure should be annually. A suh ova Kansas city wah involve di ppl dem rear lol.

  5. which kansas city, missouri or kansas? whether its either or both I doubt the figures are anywhere near accurate because they’re very anti foreigner just ask that bigoted kris kobach.

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