Why mizzt a act like she holier than thou. Tell her if she love her job so much dont thief nothing. Every job she get she lose it cause her eye red. All super market wuk she lose cause her hands touches. The last one she lost when she use to brag bout the Jewish people how them good to her, a wonder if she pay back the woman yet. U no stop party cause a no priority, u stop cause u cant afford to floss any more. U no have no more drugs fi sign fa fi get the little extra money. So just stop it.


  1. Dutty mizzt stop it sender you are so rite she can’t afford to party no more because she goodly can’t get nothing fi thief a the new job and you not paying no private school fee the government is liad gal wait you and the man start live good yet gal can’t keep a man fi save har life whoever make she a sign fi drugs a idiot mizzt a known thief

  2. Didnt shorty just have a bbq the other day…and she debut her man…hehehehe..thought she was still wid the last babydaddy

  3. She right on a few things though..
    1. People refuse tuh work for little to nothing.
    2. People monthly expenses are high.
    3. People children are our future.
    4. Decent intelligent people would rather to spend them money on them kids than fatten dancehall people pockets.
    5. Who want carry feelings cause people don’t want support dem dance can carry them sed feelings tuh dem dying grave.
    6. If people don’t want tuh go ah party and would rather stay home and watch t.v, then it is what it is…same shit different day anyways…

    1. Yeppie mek somebody else say so cause when pple no go her bbq she vex wid dem.
      Shr use to use di agency weh she work address di delivery. She all sign fi package fr police. A so di woman find out. And is that same day di lady find out say teneika a rob her blind. She affi borrow fi pay di woman.

  4. Yep… She is absolutely right on a few things! My only question is when did come to these realizations??? She didn’t think like that all these year!
    Guess is better late than never huh? Caz every drum whe knock… There she was. I’m glad she’s finally seeing what’s important.

  5. just wondering if she still sleeping in the twin size bed at her mom and stepdad apartment on Pitkin ave or when the man come to f*** if you still sending the kids in your mom room until they leave just asking tho

  6. Only salvation last! she sounds genuine like she really wants to change her life when you love your family you get those types of feeling so I can see where she coming from young lady don’t procrastinate jus do what you sey and mean it!

  7. 7:35 the thiefing money dun now she no genuine she can’t afford to party and hype no more gal broke har finger a no Fi har own

  8. Di gyal and har man live together now fi 2 years now. Why oonu like hate on ppl so. If di gyal decide fi stop party and do something with her life why it bother oonuh. She don’t want her baby father that’s a fact cause she talk bad bout him everyday cause him not mining the little girl. Is she alone mine the girl , Saka is a bum who cotch with his sister in her basement

  9. Nobody want ugly whoring Saka. He is broke like the one sneakers that him have from Jesus was a boy. If Mizzt tief at least she do something wid har money. Everybody know say government can’t give u help if you make over a certain amount of money that is a fact so she a pay out her pocket to send her kids to school, leave her alone . The gyal move on with her life like 2-3 years now and Saka still tek set pon har.

  10. I have some questions… Why is she on this website? Ah mus har fren dem sen in dis? Mis just nuh undastan y peeple do dis when dem frenshit mash up.
    Please do tell y anyone would b hating on her? If she lived with her man two years…kudos to her caz that’s a first! When did she decide to stop partying after last month …caz dat was her last party? How do u know her baby fada want her? Was he not a bum , with one pair of sneaker kotching in said sisters basement, when she had his baby? Wasn’t he always broke or did he suddenly become broker after the baby? What is she doing with the teefing money caz it seems like she was partying with it. Since when she start making a certain amount ah money dat she doesn’t need government help?
    If she really has changed her life kudos to her!

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