Oprah gone again!!!
an a last week she go in a surgery fi tummy tuck, not even a week after surgery and VOP a thief
Back again 5 time fi d year n gal rent not even pay u did a laugh offa shanice now unuh can b bunkie in deh God really dnt like ugly I hope she did have har lawyer fee put dwn

0 thoughts on “JAIL AFTER TUMMY TUCK

  1. She is only 26???? This big ole trang back gyal so young, and have bout 1/2 dozen pickney and how uch baby fada? im 27 and mi did think she was a big woman for me. No sah mi shock!

  2. No man ah so mugg shot duh yu.. is ugly u up.. That why hot saks teeeefing tamara hold down her head in court. Cause them picture deh nuh pretty
    Plus yeah 27 and half dozen picni. That wull Drain you

  3. D amount a surgery she do if d pass 3 years n non no mek one breast batty belly strax soon sue har fi credit body whe she cash pay off fa every 6 month she go trust a procedure

  4. N again MW sorry fi d kids cuz profit Not looking at den only DJ him talk at d shop today se y har Fren a call him bout lawyer if Oprah did save lawyer money n him n her no deh

  5. No man this is drama nuh the 5th time this for the year she go jail,she have 4kids and one very young. She want to be hot girl in party but she look better going back were she come from.her batty look nasty, her whole body always look sloppy and sweaty. She ugly always a promise gun shot thats why dem beat her nearly kill her other day. She and marsha ina war over man,just two months ago a she and peta gay from angels ina war fi some man and she nuh stop plan fi beat the angel gal dem. She ever deh lef her kids all bout fi go party,her hair always look like use mop.she say she and diamond crew was friends dem is her brother she dog out all a dem. The one name cuz need to stop talk to her ppn phone cause she chat back everything as them come off .she chat how him gal name kim foot big and she a whore a tek other man pon him.she chat how bully a mouth talk and a try fi look like him have money and bruck and how him gal dem say him nuh good ina bed. She laugh after shanice now see she deh jail to.she chat shax how him mouth stink .Girl please just leave fort Lauderdale cause we hate u bad.Go back a u jungle, this monkey a try pretray to be human

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