Cross examination of Detective Patrick Linton by Tom Tavares-Finson

F- One radio station says you are professional and confident
L- Can’t comment on that

F- When interpreting evidence and putting before the jury, you must do so without malice
L- Yes
F- Without ill-will
L- Yes
F- And we accept your apparent professionalism
L- I don’t know
F- A number of members of your unit came to see you give evidence and you must present a professional face
L- Yes

F- Because you are just doing a professional work
L- Yes
F- Would you agree that in your line of work (collection, interpretation of telecom evidence you must approach work as a professional
L- Digital evidence. Yes

F- You can’t allow yourself to be clouded by ill-will

F-You must have a professional approach without malice for you to exercise a discretion
L- Dont understand

F- Text as presented comes out of a body of others
L- Yes

F- You put before court data based on what you consider relevant
L- Yes

F- Your professionalism is important so court can rely on your assessment
L- Yes
F- The messages you showed to the court could be altered, manipulated
L- MY Lord having received messages, I recorded them to read only.

F-But before that they could be altered
L- Once recorded to disc, can’t be changed

Judge-Can a text be manipulated
L- Yes

F -You told the judge that you can change any text – add, subtract, multiply or divide. Your answer was ANYONE can DO IT
L- Anyone with training

F- Ah but you have training so you can alter
L- I’m a professional
F- You can change anything if you were not operating professionally
L-If I were not operating professionally

F- The video! Any technician can UTECH can change or add voice
L- I don’t know about that

F- The video, you can add sound
L- Yes

F- You are so professional that My Lord said yday ‘listen to his tutorial. Do you remember”?
L- Yes

F- Now Patrick A Linton, tell jury what you call social media
L- Medium where you exchange social content eg FB, twitter etc
F- Let’s start with FB, I don’t know anything about computers . You have a FB account
L- Yes
F- Commissioner didn’t tell you not to keep one. You have one
L- Yes
F- Mr. Patrick A Linton is your FB page. Right
L- Yes
F- Started when
L-Don’t know
F- I will tell you when and everything soon
F- So I can go on your page and see what’s there
L- Don’t understand

Finson – let me get straight to it. You have been putting some things on FB! And we are going to see! Pls open your account

L -My FB has been deactivated
F- I looked at it up to this AM. Unless you deactivated it b4
Linton – stalls and doesn’t want to open his FB account in court. Then says

‘these things can be hacked. I won’t put in my PWD’

F -When did you deactivate you FB account?

L- This morning about 10 am.
F- When was it created?
L- 2009
F- *elevates voice* And you are asking us to accept your professionalism? When in all these years your just deactivate your FB?
F- You commented on your FB in 2011 about Mr. Palmer! I am asking you to reactivate your FB page for jury to protect your integrity
L- Judge do I have to reactivate my FB account?
Judge: No I cannot tell you to do that?
F – *shouts* well your should!
*Jeremy Taylor jumped to his feet

” My Lord this poses certain constitutional issues!! Witness has right to his privacy”!

*Finson interrupts* Taylor-

I am on my feet Mr. Finson! Sit down. The witness cannot be forced to open his FB account

F- FB is a social media network judge. It is open to public. Witness says he is operating without malice. So let’s see
Judge: I am asking both attorneys to restrain themselves. Address the court and stop this cross talk. Move on Mr. Finson!


My Lord, he can use Peter Blake principle in absence of jury and we then determine relevance.

*Finson has page printed*
Finson to Linton- You put on your FB page pics of a pool party in 2011?
L-I don’t recall.
F- You commented on a pic with Vybz Kartel didn’t you?

A photo with Vybz Kartel and a lady was shown to Linton.

L- I don’t recall if I commented on this picture!
Judge: Did you?
L- No I didn’t

F- You said in pic “bed not even spread up. bumboclaaat wutless. Fool fool gyal dat place dutty nuh f**k”
L- No I did not

F -You are a liar!!
L- FB is hackable!
F- Your account can be hacked?
L- They hacked Mark Zuckerberg’s account sir! It can be

F- Judge, plz ask witness to activate FB act for us to see in absence of jury. Judge: That is not a reasonable request

F- Do you know website called “Urban Islands” ..
L- I know it.
F- And you put same comment on it.
L- I did not sir!

F- Yes you did. You see ur name there?
L- Sir, anyone can create a name on urban islands and post there. It is not mine!

Finson now argues for FB page to be tendered as evidence. Taylor argues that it should not be.

L- I cant say it is my page

Finson tried to show that Linton had malice / I’ll will towards Vybz Kartel leading to the arrest etc. Taylor objected


My Lord, at no time did witness own page which is a FB printout. He said “paper says account created in 2009”

Judge: I am minded to hav document admitted. *exhibit 17* Finson now passes a CD to Linton for him to look at privately

F- What is there is a video of your FB page?
L- It is a video of someone browsing a web page with the name Patrick Linton on it

F- Is that your FB page?
L- It could have been cloned.
F- I never hear this yet in all my days!

F -*Shouts at Linton*.


L- NO SIR!! There is no conspiracy!
F- You and Sergeant Brown are part of conspiracy and you have a special role because you have malice towards him?
L- No sir!

Judge: Are you saying the two comments he made, one about the fool fool gyal shows malice?

F- Yes my lord.

Judge: Oh I see

F- The girl was sitting on Palmer’s lap and he comment how she fool nuh fuq. That shows malice!
Taylor- Can we get witness answer ?

Judge directs stenographer to read thru evidence. Judge: Are you part of conspiracy to convict 5 persons?


F- You said you received cellphones sir?
L- Yes sir.
F- How many?
L- I don’t recall
F- Nuh 4 phones sir?
L- 4 phones from Mr. Pitt

F- When you tek di phone from Mr. PITT what you did wid dem?
L- I out them in my locker in my lab.
F- Your locker? You have key?

L- Yes I have keys to the locker.
F- You alone have key?
L- To my knowledge.
F- And the phones turn off suh they cant use?
L- Yes

L- Had phone in hand.
F- Did you determine who owned that phone?
L- That was not my remit.

L- Subscription information is derived from the mobile carrier.
F- You got info from Pitt and you put the phone up for safe keeping?
L- Yes

F- And the iPhone, you took information from it on 12 Aug 2011?
L- Yes.
F- Then what?
L- No info on it so I locked it up back

F- And there was another phone that had a password that you cudnt get info from, what you did with it?
L- I put it back.

F- So on the 22nd you took next phone from locker?
L- Yes.
F- Was there any evidence in the locker tampered with?
L- No sir.

F- So it was in the same condition as when you put it there on the 3rd?
L- Yes sir.
F- You had access to phone in 14th October

F- I am suggesting to you that on 14th October you or someone else put info on that phone! Before the 22nd!

Linton- I did an actual extraction on phone ending 3682 on said day. I put no info on the phone.

F- Did you modify phone or not?
L- No sir!
F- Ok. Bring up what you call video file evidence on screen,tell me when you see according to metadata the date of 14th on that file.
L- I see the 14th. That is when I started..

F- Didn’t you say in report that you didnt touch phone until 22nd October?
L- No I didn’t say that. *Finson reads document*

F – You modified information on that phone and you are trying to mislead this court

Judge: Break them have asked several questions

F- Didn’t you say that you started investigation on that phone on 22nd?
L- Yes.
F- And you said that device was examined on 22nd?

F- You are not telling the truth! You told us you looked on it on the 22nd but the file says you looked on it on the 14th October ?You embarrassing yourself and all of us!

Judge-Allow him to answer Finson. Sit down and take the embarrassment

F- Ok sir.
L- It was a mistake I made when I said I started examination on the 22nd.


  1. Finson a idiot because Chow is a crimial and him a testify gainst another dutty criminal and the jury don’t even care if him a criminal .The jury don’t care bout facebook,all dem care bout is dat worl boss say him mince people .
    Finson a one of the wussest lawyer ever ,only broke labourite and stupid people use him .
    All evidence that is useful to a trial can be admitted and all admissible evidence can be put on show ,yet Finson waste court time objecting to the very important evidence of worl boss confession . Me think him learn from the Dudus thing that there is no such thing as ”illegal evidence ” when it comes to proving a case .

  2. Finson did really guh school? If kartel was really intelligent him wudda get rid a him now. Still, beggars cannot be choosers and Finson love di criminal dem. Him cudden even save him son in law…….

  3. Yuh ever stand up a roadside and hear dis whole heap a noise, yuh think a some formula one race car, but when you look is a piece of old jalopy making one bag of noise but going nowhere? That is Finson.

  4. dis a weh yuh call village lawyer de man know not wan shit mi a dead :ngakak

    den tavares yuh c-rus de judge need fe bawl out have several law school education seat at yuh claat a weak no,busta rhyme c yuh money yah a guh dung de drain weh it belong while two hungry pickney a half way tree cuda use it fe lunch money a mawnin instead a try sell two wata dung bag juice tsk tsk

    1. but finson never even know them did have evidence like this, i dont think any one would be so foolish to have record of all this stuff after commiting such a evil act. i really think kartel is not sane.

  5. So you mean to tell me in this day and age, this very savvy attorney has no idea that anyone can post anything under any name on a blog without it being the actual person??

  6. a wondah if a di bar of association of law Finson did pass or di rum bar caw if feem second deh sas crissssssssssss :cd

  7. Anyone can use a person name and post a comment on various sites, they can copy or steal a persons pics and create a page similar to that of the original person, they can create instagram accounts, twitter pages, fb pages, etc..they can even put said pics on pornographic sites or any other sites. It’s social media, it’s also technology. Anything can be hacked, anything can be stolen. Even the most technologically challenged person knows that. So WHY is Finson acting like he’s from the stone age!

    I can take Met name and go on Observer and right MET as a person and comment on her behalf. I can even write Tom Tavares-Finson and go on a certain blog and comment or post as if I’m him. And to take it a step further I can Take his pics and create a facebook page, Instagram page, twitter page etc. SO WHA HIM REALLY A TRY? :nerd

    Desperate man will try anyting to rass.. :cool

    1. das why di police have all right fi deny because anything a anything and he would haffi go through Facebook fi go verify a who post get ip him all right fi se a nuh him all when him…Tavares is a fool fi use that…What he should be doing is working on saying a nuh Kartel ina di video and a nuh fi him voice

      1. Absolutely! Mr. Flamboyancy may very well have made a good point in pointing out that same way the police officer thinks the fb posts are fake and his account may have been hacked, the same applies to the text messages. Furthermore, he should have gotten a recording engineer (one of the accused associates, perhaps) to show how vocals can be tampered with easily. It is quite surprising they have not thought of this, given how judgemental Jamaican artistes are when they hear of other persons who sound similar to them creating “splice duplate offa dem chune.” But then again, they are probably so shaken up at this point they can’t think straight.

        My Lord (Met) please request that the other “pree dis” please refrain from using my name.

        1. The contents of the texts etc were verified by the phone company earlier on professionals were in court confirming where there phones were used etc.

    2. I think he knows…since the police lock it off and dont wanna open it, they can argue he has something to hide. same so anyone can do anything to a fb page same so the police said someone can do something to video and txt messages. its simple reasoning and trying to create doubts.

      1. He already showed the comments he was speaking about and it has his name, he could have created the doubt with more homework i.e. by contacting Facebook and getting some document from them as to the location of the account when the post was made.

      2. No one can tell the police to open his FB ,he is not on trial ,it is not in anyway relevant to the case or does the post he claim is any form malice towards Kartel .Simple reasoning is not law .

  8. Yow Met, mi normally read thru and nuh comment. Unno a talk bout Finson and Kartel fi do. Weh Kartel really need fi do is plead guilty and nuh continue with this case cuz it’s only making it worse on himself. If he plead now and the lawyer beg for leniency, they mi give him a 30 years or probably less and have a release date than get life and nuh get nuh release date! Cuz prison caan miss him. Mi would never wish death or prison fi no man cuz if u go prison fi a week, u might come out dead… But it is what it is! mi a nuh one a dem idiot kartel fanatic and live in illusion! Cuz plenty deh a road and mi feel sorry fi dem, hope one day, they come to reality of this world!

    1. 30 years would or cannot bring bak life if a did wi breddah or faddah wi wuddnt want em live fi see road fair is fair…em deserve di same payment weh em gi lizard

      1. finson just dig kartel deeper ………ironic how LINTON FACEBOOK MUST BE HIS ,,,,,BUT KARTEL PHONES WITH NAMES OR ALIASES THAT CANNOT BE COPIED LIKE …LIZARD, CHOW AND MAD SUSS WERE CHANGED ………..BUT MISSA LINTON NEVA CALL DI GIRL NAME ……..HIM JUST SEH DUTTY GYAL..SO MISSA FINSON …just confirmed that it is not easy to doctor any media…..because di man seh a nuh fi him fb and hiim a tell di man seh a fi him……..kartel seh a nuh fi him phone…so me inna di jury a go feel seh a kartel own

        1. @ Real me seh a dat me envision fi dis devil. Unless Massa God a go change him fi save the lost sheep he has lead astray

  9. Suh tru di police call di girl inna kartel lap dutty gyal dat make him nuh like kartel? An dats reason enuff fi want to frame him? Smfh.

    1. it look like a FINSON DEM HIRE FI REPRESENT AND FRAME KARTEL…………and to how it a look him nuh need no help

        1. but met when mi look pon it …mi nuh really tink Finson a talk in kartel favor ….because it look like all the judge si wah a gwaan ……….and mi nah joke mi serious ….it look like a him inna di conspiracy

    1. the man only sound like carnation market pon a thursdeh early mawnin pure noise and no damn actual sale,him suda shame a him self nuh likkle ntn bout him all wen him know deep dung him doah understand de case him a try mek him still a mek pure damn noise a de ppl dem head

  10. Met, Metters & Peepers Finson appears desperate with his line of questioning, playing on the general distrust Jamaicans have of the police. Two things, it would not be a stretch to think that Finson’s people created the Facebook post to which he is referring. He could have someone create a FB page to look similar and video it. He knew Linton would not agree to open his private FB account. That plays to the distrust of the JA jury. Secondly, he could also create the Urban Islands post as well to build on the distrust angle.

    One of the problem with this ‘frame’ defense is there are overwhelming logical corroborating evidence presented by the prosecution. A few nuggets: Lizard’s body is missing; KartHell (mi like da name deh) on text explaining why. KartHell saying he gave a new 45 to Shawn Storm, decoding ‘shoes’. Graphic text about others meting the same fate as Lizard. KartHell overly concerned about forensics presence, inquiring about the island… I could go on. Finson will have to prove that all that the jury heard were fabrication.

    Drowning man will reach for a straw.

    1. Kunta, YOU ARE A SMART MAN!

      Finson thought this constant “whipping” of JCF members would infuse absolute distrust…new century and generation…it nah wuk.

      Has reported in the transcripts here on JMG (go dey MET…lol) this was also the stratagy that the female att’y did a plan fi use as well. Bitch dem corrupt JCF with them little nhame a food people that they thought it would ALWAYS work to them and them clients advantage…WRONG.

      Good catch, Kunta :maafaganwati

      1. What was more shameful was that the so called comments were not malicious nor were they made after the case was started.

        1. Damn right. Linton have him rights as a private citizen…from de pictures and de cranny mattressLinton integrity INTACT cause a one “dutty gal” dat fi a mek cranny man do yu pon cranny bed…lol

          1. and she really wutliss , if a dat Tavares can draw fahh is betta him did jus go tan up n bus a kimbo

  11. The lines of questioning by the defence are just about irrelevant, the alleged comment is about a girl and Karthell name was not mentioned and nothing was said (good or bad) about karthell… If it was that girl on trial then there could be some relevance…

  12. met did the defence team got official notice of the video and sms and all these kartel n gang talks? because if me a defend someone me a come prepared for what i know. if i dont know whats coming at me then mi affi play katch up why everything the prosicution drop seem to be a surprise to finson dem no sah a history this mi still puzzle why finson tek dis case and dem ppl say longggggggggggg time dem have video n voice evidence MY LORD DIS NEED A SCRIPT……….Met mi win latto n mek u write n direct dsah block busta yah jah know star lol

    1. :ngakak of course his defense got the notice…remember whey day finson was able fi tell di police se him use text out of context?

      1. Met! Yah laugh? Finson fi retire after dis rass. Him just a pick mosquito out a thin air and hope it have blood….embarassing.

        Then him have the balls of steel fi a try challenge a expert himself…him should have had one fi himself…guess that faggot money couldn’t afford an independent expert or none never want dem good name associated with this “death” trial.

        1. It is shameful because anyone can clone a fb and dem mek di posts he is so stupid…But Mr Linton’s Facebook was up and I could not see no party pics his page is pretty private u only can see him profile photo and one single cover photo he put up last may

          1. Yu need fi mek sure yu watamark yu pictures…mek sure de watamark digitally embedded cause see dem a come pon de social sites a thief pictures fi bandoloo cases…lol I know I saw that nasty bed picture over HERE FIRST! lolol

  13. Met, don’t the defense normally get a chance to present their own share of expert witnesses and any supporting witness they might have? Wonder who Finson intend on bringing to the stand to counter the prosecution’s evidence.

  14. Finson need a very big motive fi match dat magnitude a conspiracy weh him a talk bout…..HEY FINSON mi bun a fyah pon dah dutty gyal to enuh, does dat make me part a di conspiracy loll

  15. The only way Kartel walk free is if Lizard walk inna de court room tomorrow and say good mawning…him better call up de same madda woman and see wah she can do fe him.

  16. to any aspiring writers/producers/directors, this court transcript is the funniest legal proceeding i’ve ever read in my life!!!!! one a unno, do!! tek it an see if u cudda spin one likkle movie outta it. call it ‘third world attorney’ ity & fancy, twins of twins unno run in pan di ting man. give jamaica her first blockbuster cause if dis nuh sell :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  17. Lizard a tun up the last day a court.Kartel plan dis act fi him next movie..when dem release him ,he is going be the biggest ting since slice bread.Then people ago say him a genius to rass.I wish this was true fi him sheep dem but reality a go lick dem ina dem rass.Finson affi put up a front like him a work fi him money.what more can do,him see di signs dem already.

  18. at the end of di day unno ever stop to think of all di wrong doings lizard duh wid or for kartel don’t get mi wrong I am not justifying the death of lizard or that the people involved should not be punished…. but I just think that this was not the first time that they committed these wicked acts that possibly included lizard…. live by di gun by di gun… if yuh duh di crime yuh duh di time !!!! Well Jonnie Cochran dead suh di only person weh can save him is Zimmerman Lawyer …. lol Kartel your titanic hit a iceberg and it is SINKING !!!! kartel yuh need a new Lawyer weh know Lawyer “BUSINESS” yuh need fi guh read yuh “BIBLE” and beg God fi save yuh cause it look like no more “FREAKY GAL” “BENZ PUNANY” or “GO GO WINE” fi you and while yuh lock up please don’t allow no man fi tek weh yuh “VIRGINITY” or tell yuh seh “YUH A MI BABY” and when and if yuh ever get lonely or depressed just remember a you seh “LOVE DEM” and dem seh dem “NAH LET GO” and “EVERY GAL MY GAL”….. mi know more time when yuh have to go to court yuh wished yuh did “HIGH” or coulda drink a glass a “STREET VYBZ RUM” to get yuh through di day…. but just man up cause a you seh “TOUCH A BUTTON” and yuh “BIG BAD & BRAVE” too bad yuh caan “SEND FI YUH ARMY’ to come save yuh suh just take a page out your “COLORING BOOK” and get right with the Lord because not even your “MAMA” prayers can get yuh out of this…. yuh shouldn’t talk bout “KILL DEM ALL AND DONE” and when lizard did ask “WEH MI DUH YUH MEK YUH DUH MI DAT” yuh shoulda have some mercy and spear his life… “ADDI TRUTH” (((((((((( :kr )))))))))


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