The drama for a real housewife never ends. Phaedra Parks’ husband has reportedly been charged with bank fraud and identity theft, Access Atlanta reports. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s husband, Apollo Nida, was allegedly questioned by US Marshals and appeared before the US District Court on Thursday, Jan. 23.

According to the site, Alexandre Herrera, a U.S. Secret Service Agent in the Counterfeit and U.S. Treasury Check Squad, claimed that Nida created fake companies and ripped off individuals by opening up fake bank accounts using their real names. Nida was allegedly identified by Gayla St. Julien, who was first arrested last September for the alleged criminal activities. Nida has since been granted pretrial bail.

Parks and her husband of four years have appeared on Bravo’s RHOA since 2009. Us Weekly exclusively confirmed last May that the pair welcomed their second son in Atlanta. The couple are already parents to Ayden, 2.

One month earlier, it was confirmed that Parks would be getting her own spinoff show about her legal career, titled Rich People’s Problems. (The series is in pre-production.) The star, an attorney, famously represented Bobby Brown during his 2004 trial for allegedly assaulting his then-wife, the late Whitney Houston.


  1. dem fe lock up phedra tuh dere is noway she cum talk bout she nuh knw weh de money a cum from afta she so way up this man cocka hole and gwaanie gwaanie oba him,she knw weh him a get de extra money from and its not the funeral home

    1. Simply, mi nuh think wi si di half a dis yet. Angela Stanton 3 years ago said Pheadra was the mastermind behind the criminal activities. I’m thinking that’s why she went into the funeral business..cos she knows she about to lose her law license…A dumb ass like Apollo cannot possibly pull off such intricate operation by himself.

  2. And I hired her one time to sawt out ah ting fimi; charged me $250.00 an hour and only spent about a good 10 damn minutes for consultation. Phaedra’s demeanor always seemed a bit sketch to me, almost too good to be true…and her momma, the good pastor :nerd

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