SHAWN BABYMOTHER the best Advice I can give to you run left Shawn I know Shawn and his family for couple years and his mother don’t like one bone in your body the way she talk about you when she visit here she know SHAWN and TOYA together what kind of respect she has for you as his babymother, I don’t know you personal but I always saw your pictures on SHAWN Facebook and I always see your daughter when she visit here


18 thoughts on “FIRST IN JMG HISTORY

    1. Morning, SaranWrap. What if the son’s behavior isn’t nasty? We all know for a fact that it isn’t every girlfriend, wife or babymothers have spot clean character traits worthy of liking…

      1. That’s true…. But regardless….even if the mother doesn’t like her sons woman….she shouldn’t encourage side chicks….

        She should encourage him to leave the no good woman if that’s the case

  1. Common assault. Especially if di Mumma love likes. If the mother-in-law don’t like you and she likes the “side chick” she will definitely laugh up with “side chick” more than you. But how old are these ppl because Latoya profile said she started HS in 2014. Mi know a guy who lives in JA with his wife and whenever he comes to visit the US he stays with his Mom and his side chick stays with him at the Mother’s house too. Even take pics with him and put on FB.

  2. Cause a war wid u an di madda in law :kr good mawning met jmg_ers…. up ppl some madda in law can be like shit whem It a come out when yuh eat too much peppa

  3. Toya have her man and it’s not Sean met they just high school boyfriend and girlfriend nothing going on with these two toya have her good up man

  4. Some a dem mother condone the bad behavior. Same so my ex mother know her son did have other woman weh she chat to pon phone and Facebook regular. When me say nothing bout her son and feeling like him have other woman she and hat son claim mi jealous and controlling

  5. Sender this is a silly joke why u so hurt the girl have her man picture on her page so I guess u you blind

  6. This is a straight up lie I feel like a the baby mother send it in to find out wah really a gwan but it’s clear that sender it hurt u

  7. That’s why me nuh INNA IN-LAW! I will be respectful & cordial but mi nuh inna dem cuz dem KNOW who dem like fi dem relative (son/brother/uncle/cousin, etc) & them loyalty is to THEM, not you!

    Them will condone the fuc*ery ESPECIALLY when dem don’t have no good relationship themself cuz is like it BUN DEM fi see them son/brother/uncle, etc treat another woman good! Dem never get no good treatment so them will assist him by lying for him or by not telling him to do the right thing cuz dem don’t want see another woman get good treatment!

    1. I can believe it. My husband mother like likes and same wey shi stay even her son says it. Had I known before the wedding I don’t know if I would have done it. But here we are. I don’t pay har nuh mind. But she is the worse mother inlaw I’ve ever had to deal with ever (I have no bad memories of any exboyfriends mom). This one acts as if she is pissed off I won’t take my money and mine her for likes,because apparently the women before me did it. I wasn’t raised to spend my money to take care of a man or their mother (didn’t even know some expected that… oh well). So she hate hate to see what her son would do for me and our only child, all tell him sey “Betta mind dem Creole girls” like if a new Orleans me cum fram. I don’t know anything about the girl up top, but the only thing his mother can get from me is a prayer,caws we suppose to pray for our enemies, and she is not hungry,homeless or naked.

  8. This remind me of me ex mother she nuh stop till she mash up we life cuz she like sweets di woman used to act like she love me n thing all of a sudden wen me stop nah work she start fight against but who God bless no one curse

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