1. Lol bitch your shoes cost how much for what the back not suppose to look like that them shits can’t be real

    1. STFU……..Who wants to go toe to toe with that insecure B, who posted her daughter prom pics last night on FB with the daughter nipples showing. Yes, tell me who….you damm groupie

    2. as in looks???? Body?? STFU again. Her body is f**d all the way up. Not ugly…but she sure is big ooman clown.. FACTS!!

      This bad bish is in her 40s and single, and plz dont say that waste mon is her man. for a new coupple they always on and off. Bad bitches keep dem man. She is washed and she gonna learn today!!

      Yesss I seen the nip slip. I’m pretty sure the donkey seen it too.
      Her daughter is pretty tho and Kizzy did a great job on the dress.
      I was wondering how her daughter feels about her mom being naked on the streets all the time. SMH.
      My daughter will be so damn disgusted.

  2. Now Michelle your daughter going too prom an you take picture of her in her prom dress ah show nipple. You are classless trash trying to grow that lil girl with no shame like yourself give your daughter time to grow not time to show nipple through her prom dress she is too young to shoe nipple And you post the picture like you don’t see you child nipple out . you are shameful met you need to post the picture mek di plp see how real classless michelle is them sick stomach

    1. U caan serious? She must see the nipple mi always seh no matter what you are you must mek sure yuh kids better. She need fi guh jail fi a expose a minor like that. I was pleasantly surprised when mi see Kerry Frida night and her teen daughter was dressed cute and appropriate fi har age. No wonder the likkle toe mi want nuh part of her.

      1. But den which school she go to that would allow her entry with that kind of dress on…tell you bout these mothers pimping out dem girl child from dem in highschool …. Dem teach dem how fi ketch big man from in dem teens

  3. Lol to funny; All I know is that the amount of pain they endure is no joke…I have a few pairs of laboutins n they’re the most uncomfortable shoes you could ever wear.

  4. Yes! She had her daughter nipple showing in more than one pics. Kerry and Apple dress their kids like appropriately.

  5. I Saw the picture in question and I’m in no way a Michelle groupie, but you can barely see her daughter’s nipples. The dress was designed to cover the daughter’s modesty [breasts] but for whatever reason the top of her right nipple became exposed. Maybe Michelle could have fixed the problem before taking the picture and uploading the photograph, that I agree with. But maybe Michelle was naïve in thinking no one would notice.

    The dress in question is not sexy, actually it resembles a wedding dress. Whoever made the dress should have taken better measurements. The pics are up on Michelle’s instagram page.

  6. Anonymous
    on June 9, 2016 at 9:02 am – Reply


  7. Dat look like a nip slip still don’t think it was done on purpose , the little girl is not a slack little girlie

  8. The nip slip wasn’t done on purpose but her intentionally posting it was. And everyone on her page is fake for not saying anything. She could easily repost the pic instead she leaves it up there. Tacky.

  9. @Observing You can clearly see her daughter’a nipple so we must be looking at diff pics. The bodice looks a little big but mi is no dressmaker. The dress is nice and so is the little girl but the pic with her nipple exposed needs to come down.

    1. Clearly you have a vendetta against Michelle.
      I looked at the picture from a neutral POV. Those who written about the nip slip initially were trying to make out as if Michelle’s daughter was wearing a dress where her breasts were intentionally exposed, this is not true. Her whole nipple is not accidentally on show either, only the top part of her right nipple which I personally wouldn’t have noticed if I did not read the comments on this blog. But as I said before, I agree that it should have not be uploaded.

      1. her nip is still showing.. Stop f**in typing cause u dumb. I can see her dark aeroles..Are you joking This girl is a teen. I can tell you been f**n from all when u a pickney.

        The crack of my daughter ass cant even show.. and she 19.
        Someone said it in her comments about the nip slip.
        That old hoe seen it and still left it. Gunshot fi Michelle. Perverts are around..and I wont give dem the pleasure wit my precious daughter.
        I dont know about you but my kid is everything to me.

        Bout vendetta against MIchelle.. if a laff I poop.
        Michelle I have a feeling that this is u.. take that pic down you low life scum.

      2. @Observing, you sound STUPID. So please STFU. Whether intentional or NOT, as a mother Michelle should NOT had posted that pic-it’s just not age appropriate.
        Simple facts stated by all above who commented

        1. Awww! You mad? Clearly you lack comprehension or you just skim through people’s posts just to reply instead of overstanding exactly what the writer has said, you know like one of those basic b*tches who love to run their mouths.

          You’ve basically re-written what I had wrote not once but twice in this thread [Re: That the picture should not have been posted]. Chill out and drink some tea. If are really concerned on how Michelle is dressing her child, why not comment on her picture to tell her so? Her Instagram page is public. Better yet, why not send her a DM? I know why because you’re scared that she would cuss you or your someone who she knows personally lol

          Remember it takes a village to raise a child and if you feel she’s not doing right, you should tell her/show her instead of running off your fingertips anonymously on a wordpress blog.

  10. @Observing If I have a Vendetta then clearly you are her defense attorney. The nipple is obvious because guess what nipples aren’t silver my dear. As a mother, I find it inappropriate. Even if she didn’t at first, I’m sure she has by now. She could easily repost it but unuh nuh have nutten bout unuh so unuh nah go see nutten wrong wid it. The little girl’s nipple is even out in the vid but a no my pickney.

  11. It’s only obvious that the dress maker mess up the measurement on that dress and I’m sure Michelle and that little girl saw it clearly b4 she wear it out to the prom and I’m also sure all the kids and teachers gotta c it as well all they had to do was patch it b4 she go out in it Michelle is a big waste mother for that she’s dead wrong and her daughter is of age to let her know that she’s not wearing that dress bcos its done making if u look on the page of the dressmaker she didn’t even post the pic but mi nuh wrong her Michelle u is an old Tyad ass worthless mom for sending ur daughter out like that and FYI fashion a leff u dead last cos ur toes keep popping out ur shoes and u keep wearing them and now ur daughter nipple b out of her dress and u still let her wear it go hide yuh old Tyad ass surgery body and tuff Tyad face

  12. I agree (partially) with both sides. The dress was a very nice , modest & covered dress! I must give Kizzy her props for that dress!

    I DID see the nip slip & yes the average Joe MIGHT miss the nip slip but AS A MOTHER, especially a mother of young girls, from them YOUNG when you ah dress them, you ALWAYS look out for if them breasts, belly or botty ah show!

    All she needed was some dress/clothes tape or even some double sided sticky tape to tape the dress to the girl breasts! The measurements were a little off Kizzy. There is NO WAY that a mother would miss that nip slip! That’s 1 of the 3 MAJOR PLACES that a mother would MAKE SURE is alright & secure!

    Imagine if there’s a nip slip by her just SIMPLY taking a pic, can you imagine when the little girl starts dancing at the prom??? The whole titi might expose!

    So yes, the dress was nice & respectful but Yankee Michelle need fi tek the video down fi true cuz that is NOT a good look & that’s a bad reflection on YOU – the mother, NOT your daughter! Not cause you don’t mind to have your nipples exposed Mek you think is no big deal to even partially show up your daughters breast! Don’t force ripe her!

  13. Regardless of what she have more then one pic with the nipple exposed. She Is a fking child that is not a good example to set making her feel it’s OK. She need to take that pic down it don’t look good she is too young to expose anything regardless Michelle need some ambition yo. Thats tacky of her to have her daughter exposed and she post the pic she have to had seen it before posting it’s a video with it exposed. You mean to tell me she put it up without over looking whatever

  14. You all focusing on the wrong thing her nipple got exposed so what, it was not intentional I think her dress is nice I’m not associated with these people but why making a big deal about a dress why sit behind you computer making negative comment about this child if her mom feel comfortable wearing a slippers that Don’t fit properly that’s her choice why worry about someones life my god let ppl breathe and also let this child enjoy the moment she had at her prom these r the reason why we have alto of suicide Becuz of cyber bullies.

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