Met I wake up this morning to this

shrerii lee a done redz and him lap side body gal , not so First Lady she a Last lady 🤣. Wat a way she proud of how him beat her smh . him beat her day in day out , she a man mascot .all di body she do ,she still look a hot mess ! go get ur money back from the chap shop bitch because u need a refund . the butcher botch u real bad !Redz still don’t want u !!!! him still a stray a road ,old body gal tek couple seats back and get use to it ! redz always ago cheat pon u and with girls who look better than you lol so u need to get use to it. All you do a mine di man b*tch so mi nah left you . Remember when you find a donkey , don’t forget to ride it and the donkey is you lol dwl no sah ,ur life sad mi nah lie . how u live in a house with your so call man and u live upstairs and him live downstairs ? Eh dat mi want fi know ?

You’re a clown ass bitch and how a u mind him and do everything 🤷🏿‍♀️ b*tch stop walk and talk u business a road idiot gal. U and u man broke and hungry ! all oun do a pretend that oun life good and oun happy , which we all know that’s a lie . Oh please talk the true mon we all know oun a roommate 😂. All the b*tch do a call people phone and a bawl say him a cheat pon her constantly and him nah f**k her all months him no look pon her. Dwl She a work a dollar store and a talk bout she buy red bottoms balling on a budget and dem can’t even pay them bills . Dwl they put them hat were them cah reach it! because of hype oun sad no bl**at. She and her mean cheap man him nah give her no money , yuh fool . a she alone a pay the bills ,she a pay cocky partner and nah get no draw she a molly di maid with no pay dwl . Y’all ladies need to stop giving yourself these Titles talking bout First Lady ! the First Ladies in their house MARRIED to their man ! yanquie you are not the /A FirstLady . You don’t even have a promise ring or a friendship bracelet dwl ! Stop your clowning out yourself lol .

26 thoughts on “FIRST LADY WORSE LADY

  1. Yanquie you lil dutty whoring rat!!!!!!!!! shirlee you just know say she ah f**k on a slick ? yanquie is f**k a pare old mon fi money ,long time nothing so decent about her . She don’t have no friends ,no man ,and copy everything the lil pretty brown girl do . Yanquie your idiot that girl nah pay you noooooooo attention , you be doing the most to be notice ! Your own man nah notice you , you really think say someone else will lol yanquie get a life cus ya sad as f**k

    Sherliee yanquie been wear fake clothes and Shoes nothing new .

  2. Met thats a very old pic of her, met if u evea see shi now how she big and fat and tan bad met get the pic from redz party Saturday di gal look f**k up bad and sender dem can’t fool we no more all a dancehall kno dem brokka dan bokkle and that him and har shit dem fake.Miss first lady STOP f**k and suck old white man dem

  3. Yanquie is sell to di old man dem , me nah ask mi ah tell uno and mind redz , redz hardly dere ah Florida all she ah do ah sell her body fi money. she alone work pay di house car , mind redz , lil bills ,gas etc redz have to wait fi party and money pull up to get ah money … dem no have it & both ah dem wear pare fake things dem fooling dem self

  4. It’s true met I was at the gate at the party when that girl embarrassed sherii lee that was wrong of her

  5. Move ur rass redz u a pussy boy a yard ur bitch clown u a road she said she run things because if she don’t buy u things u don’t have shit & u bawl and beg like a baby fi she buy u the fake shit dem

  6. Met this idiot gal walk and talk her man business a road I don’t know wat redz still doing with her

  7. Sherii lee y u give her ur food stamp when she talk say her father have money where is the money now bitch

  8. Sherliee for the win , met where’s the video and the bad looking so call First Lady dwl sherliee empty the hoe ! Yanquie you and ya waste mon wrong , take the girl food stamps and try style her yes yanquie ah walk and talk say har daddy have money , well she should’ve call her daddy instead of sherliee .. daddy mi rass suga daddy she ah talk

  9. Redz and him dirty bitch have open relationship it look like because as him fly out u see har a other party with different man a whine up and a gwann bad like she single

  10. I always see yanique at igloo and other parties with this tall light skin man inna dark corner a do the things them and a hide

  11. Met come here LMAO the baby mother say her body look better than yanique and she a hotter girl fi yanique

  12. Redz last lady and burn up baby mother look like shit at his party last lady bottom look like she’s wearing a diaper those Breast need a refund and not to mention the plastic hair on her head the dress and shoes need to return back to Ali express and the face is another story!. Baby mother of all regrets because I know redz regret you that’s a fact what the hell was you wearing from your head to your feet looking like one big duppy bat just need to throw away in the garbage just straight trash and light with

  13. Redz I’m sorry for u because them woman in ur life kadiann & Yanique them make u look bad a road. I’m shame and is not me I can just imagine how redz feel

  14. Redz need to set is ugly baby mother Kadiann Henry straight because she a mek it look like they still together with her wicked lying self

  15. Kadiann always a wear stockings to hide her ugly skin she need to get a XXXL next time and bring it all the way over her big head and hide that ugly tough face of hers, man stomach really strong because I don’t know how redz f**k she and turn her into baby mother

  16. Yanique fada pop down longtime him bruk.she needs to get it together she clean up palm beach and done laderdale I don’t see how fire reds deal wid har and seh him a real star I guess the fire out out and the ⭐️ is fallen so dem gone in a BLB .BIG LEAGUE

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