Derrick Riley

My name is Derrick Riley. I am presently incarcerated at U.S.P. Lewisburg, and this is my testimony about the M.O.I. program.

I am a graduate from the 9th class of the M.E.N. of Influence program. The principles, the information, and the experience will stay with me for a lifetime.

Prior to my enrollment in the M.O.I. program, I lived an anti-social lifestyle. In the beginning of the program, my attitude was to simply stay the course and obtain my certificate. However, as the class progressed during the twenty-five (25) weeks, the information and the principles that were introduced to me, and the experiences I shared with other members of the class, affected me profoundly.

The concept of taking personal responsibility for my actions, practicing good communication skills, feeling empathy for others, and Healthy Lifestyle promoted by M.O.I. program have become the principles by which I now apply to my daily life.

I would unequivocally recommend this class to others seeking change. I shall continue to strive daily to live in accordance with the principles I have learned from the M.O.I. program. I consider myself fortunate to have had this rich experience, and sincerely express my gratitude for all those responsible for the success of this program, including all prison staff sponsors, and especially the M.O.I. founder Mr. Carlos Vontress. https://web.archive.org/web/20161027122134/http://motivateeducatenurture.org/moi-photo-gallery.html


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