Hi pinky, HMID.
Last night i was in hwt at the portmore bus stop waiting on a bus. After 5 mins or less a girl walk come scream help with a next girl in her arms. The girl she was supporting to walk was a lesbian and just got stabbed. Can you believe taxi man park up out deh and not even look at the girl, until she got weak and fell to the ground and people at the bus stop started to help apply pressure to the wound while the next girl try get car..
And the funny part is a loada man at the bus stop said “a sadamite gyal, she fi dead, mek she go suck har mada” he went on and on with his remarks. My thing is why not removing the fact she is a lesbian and try to help. What if it was your daughter in that predicament and you heard that was being said?
I heard she ended up dying 😕


  1. And dem still a set up toya life wid di bag a fake comments lol . The weakest lamb says the heaviest shit. Nuh pay dem nuh mind ya Larry. Why y’all don’t meet up in public and fight it out cause this platform has a lot a fake instigators trying to set up fights from both sides.

  2. But how come nobody called an ambulance.

    It sad when a young life gone like that, and the sexual orientation of the person decides their value by the masses.

  3. Why she get stab in the first place. I can’t feel sorry for them because they cause a lot of trouble and then turn around place innocent.

  4. This is Tarania she is a footballer who plays for the reggae girls and represents Jamaica and this sender is not telling the truth people did rush to help her. Who cares about what some illiterate loader man said that is irrelevant.

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