Look who resurface Met? Leteish aka Flawless. She a f** Lance from One Link weh keep di silent all white party ina Bronx weh Rebecca just so happen to host. She deh all up ina di man comments pon IG because she waan everybody know. What happened to her baby father?



  1. Three of the biggest whore especially the one in the middle sky she all in Dubai selling pussy f**ng whore

  2. she look really nice and if he’s f**g her nothing wrong with that they look good together, from the Lance I know easy to get tired a people so it’s just for the moment cause him love hide a f**k off the people dem woman

  3. Met really lance don’t know this dog ,met this flawless is a big time whore are stomach can’t sick she f**k anyone fe money she is a walking dead very nasty omg the amount a man she tech lance don’t now her back grow she use her puusy fe neck money she get it from ar mother Elaine the mother was a whore f**k out the whole rosedale an queens .met when me a tell u say that girl is a walking dead believe she is very nasty .when she ready fe chat sky she chat all are friends them especially the rasta one yanike how polish f**k are out lance stomach strong him better done fall in love him f**k ,if me start name man whey she f**k the page can’t hold the name them.

  4. Met one thing me can tell you bouth Lance that a fi just now cause him only f***k gyal fi a couple a mouths then on to the next cause me know nuff gyal weh him f**k and a that him do dem Lance no easy him love 3 some and dem things deh so me know him ago love her for now then kick her to the one side Lance is a little secret dowg cause him a f**k bay gyal and all dem fren to u see how him look like him just chill a galis and me rate him tho but you all soon see his next girl pop up and the seen soon

  5. Who ppl want to date should be none of your business.Jeese let the girl live,they are all consenting adults.

  6. So met you nut see she rebecca buy batty ! Wii she nah stop enhance and enhance till she look like dupy! All her lip she did a mess wid smh.

  7. Met but all whoring Rebecca do a party and don’t look at her son. The other day I see she post this pretty brown girl and I was wondering where she find that pretty brown girl a call her bestie and mi show MI boyfriend and him say oh a Shari dat she has a son too and she nuh betta than her. And MI mouth drop. I guess wore of a feather flock together.

  8. Rebecca dont do her batty. She took fat from her tummy and put in her hips. It’s obvious. Look at her tummy and look how she nuh stop push out di hips when posing. Rebecca go and be a mother and leave partying alone unless is money u getting. Ur what like 29 going 30.

  9. Some a unu pple confuse cause if dem did a f_ck fi noting unu wld say how dem worthless cause dem a fck an nah get noting now unu seh all dem do a sell pussy,an some a unu wah deh run unu fingers no have no room fi chat

  10. The person who wrote this don’t even know wha dem a chat sey cause first and for most a nuh Bronx the party did keep….

  11. Them gal ya only pretty but dem reputation bad all 3 of dem do breast and batty and a gwan like dem shape real lol. The one flawless she ,dat lance freaking comin like a hood rat….the amount of top man fuk she out ..she everywhere with lance like she a somebody.. She and her 2 fren dem a dog shit.. Dem not even look good at the party dem look cheap..a jus dem shoes did hot..dwl dem shoulda glad dem no ugly…

  12. But lance a freak to that’s y him lik 3 som .. Him soon lef she .. Fr u see her u see say she mak her fren dem a f**k lance to.. All problem freak she out if me start call name me no go work…

  13. @Nicky bae Wah happen to the girl weh Lance have baby wid wah day? So Flawless move come back a NY? Dem neva stay good a di party fi true and love gwaan like dem have nuttin a gwaan fi ppl hate pon

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