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  1. Jah know me feel it for this girl because people is very wicked fi real and very badmind for the simplest of things !!!! I been tru it too and I’m telling you if a never fi the Blood of Jesus I would not be here . Prayer changes situations and I believe I am a prayer warrior!!! Me see God works inna my life esp when the ole evil and crosses dem try to come against me and my child and my family… Paris I always liked you, I think you are a strong woman and I am going to pray for you and your children… But remember God hears the biggest and the smallest prayers so keep on praying and never loose hope !! It can be hard at times but don’t give up and keep ur faith strong … The devil cannot win he already lost when Jesus died for our sins

  2. Sabrina is to be blamed for her downfall in life. She’s in America doing nothing to better herself, just having babies and arguing over men. Her mother is a part of a powerful congregation. Her sister is a pastor’s wife. She chooses to stay in darkness. She was not obeahed. The longer she stays in that state of blaming others, the longer it will take her to break away from stagnation. I witnessed this woman arguing with her mother during service because her mother didn’t save her a seat in church. Mind you the chick arrived almost a hour late as if she was going to a bashment dance. Sabrina knows what she’s doing, she needs to get her act together and quit with the obeah talk now.

  3. This girl is nuts guys!! she been nuts since the 90s. Preps!..preps!…preps!.. U see how hot gal pop dung after the hype.
    Let her be an example to you bad bitches..
    man lef har and she have 3 pickney a mind alone and she was a hot gal inna dance!!
    She is cray cray.. who the hell will name their kids Royalty, Queen and King lol.
    Paris no one cares if you gave your kid a limo ride 1st.. What is his report card looking like.
    KMT bout prayer warrior..aint your sis (the ugly preps) married to a pastor. Isn’t she 1st lady in church.

  4. Let’s pray for for her ‘ she’s mental & demonic posses listen her conversation she needs help from above in Jesus name.

  5. Oh I stopped listening when we got to baby father number 3. That is pure slackness when she say she doing people hair n I’m here saying but how is she doing hair n fi her head look so.

  6. Paris, I know your reading this. Take your Bible in hand, turn to the Psalms and pray each and every one. Try to get a job and cut off all the dancehall people. Pray for and over your children. And you will witness, that who God bless no man curse. Prayer changes things. Change your way of thinking and see how your life will change. I cannot judge anyone, I have only walked my road through life. But I know that if you trust God, and eliminate the toxic, people and situations life only gets better, God be with you and your children

  7. No sah! So the woman weh tell you bout the woman a carry u picha go obeah man and how see she the woman a obeah man.. A how she know DAT? How DAT lady know say the woman a walk aid you and your daughter picture under her feet? So the whole a ooun a some set a obeah worker a reaction. A tek you. Nobody and me mean no one can’t touch GOD anointed people dem. You mean fi tell me say ppl a obeah u and u have prayer warrior family and u Dont see GOD a punish them? Lady a the sickness weh u continue doing a punish GOD a punish you.. Him wan you fi change but you nah listen.. Girl your son that is spiting on ppl and hitting them? He’s just mischevious and need to put on time out. By the way you carry on you have no faith in GOD so if the whole world pray for you its not going to help! Because you are weak mentally and believe in too much foolish things

  8. You know, I always get dreams seh ppl in my mother family trying to kill me. I don’t know her story, but truth stranger than fiction sometimes.

  9. and you know mi did like sabrina preps before the babies…..always a go buy fish over tony so mi can get a preps of the preps dem …..then she miss up and here dem never let her back in the US ….but now it look like she really gone mad…..DAMMMMM YO ……….POP DOWN ……AND A TALK LIKE SHE REALLY A GO MAD ….SO SAD….

  10. OBEAH THING IS REAL!! There are people who are out there to destroy you. BUT, like attract like. WE are magnets. In order for one to eliminate negativity is to leave negativity alone.

    Negativity come from many sources. It can come from the place you live. Work place. Your own family. Friends and associates. It can be symbols you carry in your home too.

    So, if one continues hanging around negative things you will continue attracting it.

    In Sabrina case, I’m surprised that she has three kids by three different man within a 5 year span. Cause, she might of just taken up crosses from the men. It’s called “soul ties”. Some of these men be sleeping around with OBEAH working bitches without knowing that women are doing it to them.

    Thats why ladies and gents you have to be careful who you sleep with. Do a background check on the man or woman before you breed or go breed up. Nuff of these men run down pussy like its candy and dont know its a trap on their life. These women nowadays are cray cray and desperate. They will do “anything” to catch a man or someone else man.

  11. I also stop listening after she got to the baby father number 3 smh I think this woman need to find a church I once was with a man that cheated so I left him, it didn’t end there . The woman he cheated with fell out with her friend and the friend put on the internet that she was working voodo on me and my kids, I did not run to a obeah man I start reading my bible and pray triple times my regular times, and I never once fear that that girl could harm us with evil because nothing last forever and no spirit is more powerful than God .paris the reason why your going through this is because you believe in obeah . To break whatever it is your going through you have to understand and believe that God is the man no one is stronger and more owerful than him as soon as u understand that everything will fall in place

  12. She not mad she know exactly what she is saying people to damn evil but God don’t sleep Paris I will pray for u

  13. their is just too much evil in the world today.
    too much obeah in the work place between the Africans ,Jamaicans and the evil Haitians who practice voodoo.

  14. Sabrina aka paris mad long time . .and more importantly she DUNCE beyond belief she seriously DUNCE..i pray for her 3 fatherless kids . .she need medication .she think like a 15year old . .her priorities unreal ..she get all ugly bc her life so chakka chakka .sad VERY SAD

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