A flight attendant who was treated for burns after being hit with hot water and noodles A couple caused chaos on a flight because they weren’t seated together, scalding a flight attendant with hot water and noodles. One of the unruly pair even claimed to have a BOMB, which was the last straw for the pilot who then turned the plane around. The incident was captured on mobile phones by other passengers that show one of the hostesses touching her face after being scalded as she was hit with a hot dish. She was reportedly given first aid on board by her colleagues to deal with the burns and was taken to hospital after the Thai Air Asia flight turned around and landed back in the Thai capital. The trouble started when the couple boarded the plane and found themselves seated separately on the charter flight from Bangkok to the Chinese city of Nanjing. And even though the seating was rearranged to put the couple together, they were still angry and refused to calm down. The video clip showing the man shouting at staff who are trying to restrain him quickly went viral after it was uploaded on Chinese social media network Weibo. A spokesman for the budget airline said that the plane had been forced to turn round so that the angry couple could be arrested. The decision to turn around had been made after the man claimed to have a bomb and threatened to blow the plane up, the spokesman added. Witnesses say that the man was led off the plane while carrying a young girl although he and the child and his girlfriend were not immediately detained. He claimed that the hostess had been scalded by accident when they had argued with her over the receipt they wanted for the hot water. However after the incident went viral, officials from China’s National Tourism Administration said the tourists had disrupted the flight, hurt other passengers and “badly damaged the overall image of the Chinese people”.


  1. Mi seh when dem fuhcka deh get rambunctious it is one helluva ting fe try calm dem dung…fidem tempa nuh nawmal..me ana likkle chiney lady get into it one day cause dem fuhck up mi dry cleaning so we had an unpleasant exchange of words..mi ah tell yuh…mi meet mi match da day deh..mi jus pick up mi dry cleaning scurry come outta dem place…dem ignorant summen terrible when dem get upset..

    1. Yessssss @yeppie very ignorant, I saw one in argument with his wife in China Town bang the top of his head repeatedly until blood all after the wife tried in vain to quail the argument.

      1. Quena, bad enough dem falla falla yuh roun inna dem beauty supply store, but when you and dem inna argument….God have mercy!!!…di dry cleaning lady frig up mi good good fringe frock and when mi ask ar what di fuhck happen tuh mi dress, she ah come ask mi bout what di fuhck mi mean by what di fuhck happen tuh mi dress…suh mi ask ar if she blind; yuh know seh di lady turn roun ask mi if me blind?!…suh mi start get hot now ana call ar all kinda asshole ah eediat and di lady jussa fling on back di insult dem but fe ar voice start fe get pitch high high like she ready fe war suh mi seh tuh miself..mek mi tek up mi threads and left disya place cause if mi pick up sitten wheel ah lick ar dung she aguh turn roun gimme ah buss head tuh, Quena, mi seh di lady ready fe hop di rawse counter fe come war wid mi…di lady cuss mi clear outta di store, all when mi ah drive weh…dem tek ignorance tuh ah whole nother level ma’am :hoax2

        1. DWL, woieee. Mi seh Yeppie, mi wouldah read yu autobio yu know..some a u experiences dem nuh normal eidah, which of course is expected with dem yah abnormal people yah :ngakak :ngakak

          1. Tinan, me is ah very nice person *God know* so I tend tuh come across as a push over more time cause me is ah very quiet person…but when mi get disrespected there is a whole nother side tuh mi weh nuh nawmal nor nice atall!!!!!!! Tinan.. :nerd..when mi tek mi dress huh ah di dry cleaners, I hadn’t even worn the dress yet because I had purchased it vintage and it was in excellent/ pristine condition and wanted it dry-cleaned before I wore it *mi seh di dress baaaad!!!*….when mi huh fe huh pick up my sexy dress, mi fawt tuh how mi si di lady bitch up mi dress ah geet back tuh mi wet, suh mi get red ana ask ar ah wa dis, but cause she know seh dem frog up mi dress, they was already on the defensive..I can tell ya’ll some stories smh lol…

          2. Bad enough di lady screaming did gimme ah piece ah headache, mi couldn’t badda tek on nuh buss head tuh…she was ready for my ass that day lol..

        2. :ngakak :ngakak Yeppie yuh have mi in stitches. Wah yuh seh d chiney oman was a bull buck & duppy conquerer??? Yuh cldnt badda cross it. D brief synopsis yuh gave of yuhself remind me of myself. An :angel until dem bring out d :marah in mi. Suh mi always tell ppl fi pick dem choice who dem waan duh business wid d white angel or d red devil???!!!! But pan a serious note yuh did too nice wid dah woman deh weh frig up yuh frock cauz if a did mi, a wld an hell & powder house between mi & she, cauz mi a guh inna d cash register & tek out back d exact money weh mi pay fi mi vintage dress. Dem seh 2 bad duppy cant walk but mi & har wld an affi trash it out, she wld an affi lock dung har dry cleaning store & guh back a China. As fi dem 2 crosses ppl deh up a top if I was dat deh Air Hostess deh a wld an tek some shit out a d Aeroplane Latrine & hot up eh si & when I dun dowse dem baxide ah wldnt Air Malaysia alone dem cant find, Air China or Air Asia or whateva dah flight yah name wld an must crash, mi & dem in deh, mi wld an have mi right an dash it weh cauz when mi dun wld dem kakahole d good eh dan affi suffer fi d bad cauz a pure shit a fling, all inna d cock pit mi a fling left right & center. A wld an mi get lock up & dem wld an affi sue both mi & d Airline when I dun wid dem. Wus like how madness run inna my breed… it wldnt normal up inna dah plane deh a tall, some a dem too outaorder!!!!

          1. Onedrop, yuh know dem likkle way deh?!…you gotta weigh your options and make the right decisions cause yuh jus nuh wa siddung inna jail wid nuh buss head ova nuh dress afta mi dun fuhck up she an di store, yuh get mi?!…ana nuh like seh mi did fraid ah ar, but mi realize seh dis lady naah back down ah mi neva did eena di mood fe nuh long drawn out tit fe tat wid she…what piss ar off even more is mi jus tek up mi dress offa dem rack ah neatly tek it mek it sweep eeeeeeeeeveryting aafa dem countertop, suh she ah pick up receipts, phone, statue ah bout one million clothes pin aafa di grung..bitcch yuh!!…suh while she deh deh ah cuss, me ah drive weh wid mi middle finga extended thru mi window ana laugh…den dem have ah nex style tuh where dem jus neatly cut di line wherever dem deh ah huh tan up right inna di front ah act like dem nuh know nuh English..one cut mi wa day inna di grocery store, ah mi jus neatly tap ar pan ar shoulder an tell ar seh line deh back deh suh…she ah look roun like she nuh si nuh line suh mi politely walk ar str8 tuh di back addi line…just terrible what they did tuh that stewardess..

  2. It’s the language barrier. I have one in my office. Boy oh boy when she gets mad she stops talking to the entire office. One time I heard her all a co worker “f**king black bitch” under her breath and when I asked her what she just said she started crying.

  3. Si yah, di Chinese officials seh this ” “badly damaged the overall image of the Chinese people”. A wandah where I have been all dis toime..

  4. They are racist, mean and very argumentative bad. Try don’t ask them for an empty food container inna dem rat infested dutty restaurants. I stop eat from the dog, puss ant rat eating people

    1. Mi friend seh she go ah laundry mat ah dash weh ar empty detergent/ fabric softener/ bleach containers dem afta she pour them inna the laundry..she seh di chiney lady walk right ova tuh the trashcan ah tek out back di empty containers dem outta di trashcan fe refill and resell them back tuh customers..

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