Andrew Davis, 34, of Kingston, Jamaica, faces the following charges: Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network, Distribution of Cocaine, Money Laundering, and Conspiracy. Bail is set at $500,000.
Andrew Davis, 34, of Kingston, Jamaica, faces the following charges: Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network, Distribution of Cocaine, Money Laundering, and Conspiracy. Bail is set at $500,000.
CAMDEN A Jamaican dancehall DJ has received a 25-year prison term for his role in a drug ring that shipped cocaine from Southern California to South Jersey.

Andrew K. Davis, formerly of Swedesboro, also was ordered to pay a $250,000 penalty for a money-laundering offense, said the state Attorney General’s Office.

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A Superior Court jury in Camden convicted Davis of drug distribution, money laundering and other offenses after a trial in December. He awaits a retrial on a charge that he led the drug ring from Jamaica, where Davis performed as Flippa Mafia and Flippa Moggela.

.An investigation began in March 2011, when authorities seized two packages holding eight kilograms of cocaine at a mail facility in Marlton. Authorities eventually seized cocaine worth almost $1 million, more than $500,000 in cash and two handguns, the Attorney General’s Office said.

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A Cherry Hill woman, 34-year-old Marsha G. Bernard, was sentenced to a 21-year term in February for drug-distribution of cocaine, second-degree money laundering, and second-degree conspiracy. She was sentenced on Feb. 5 to 21 years in state prison, with six years of parole ineligibility.

32 thoughts on “FLIPPA GET 25 YEARS

  1. Now dem poor kids Motherless and Fatherless. Smh Was it all worth it? where are all the people that they were flosssing for now? where are all the cheerleaders and groupies at now? Scammas and current dealers please take heed cause the US stop play wid unuh…

    Met, How much time HiWhorka get? Word is she already out which is very strange.

  2. 25 for the dolphin and 21 for Marsha is a really troubling situation for the kids. Marsha why you nuh talk? Look how kemar and them sentence light plus credit for time served. All this to floss and hype inna dance hall. On the same note, how much time Mario for queens empire got years ago or the one jue icon? We never get the full facts pon the time. How about sidone? She still inna immigration lock up?

    1. Sidonna been in Jamaica about two years now took her plea deal and got deported,she is keeping a low profile and enjoying her daughter …smaddy did cum seh Jue get 5yrs which I don’t b-lev as tuh Mario not a sounder word in english

  3. Totally not worth it. Feel bad for the baby mother though. Well they say most women in jail r there because of a man. Smfh

    1. Marsha was totally different that a lot of these other women. I have never seen a similar case where the wife/babymother was so into the running of the operation. That is why she had all the same charge except one. Flippa has a more serious charge pending and good get life in prison on that charge when the case is retried.

  4. Good Day,Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Again I don’t know why him and Marsha did not take the plea deal look how much years they both pushing leaving them kids,when them see road them kids will have kids my word

    1. more than likely Marsha will just do 8 yrs if she stays out of trouble and enroll in some type of program.

      1. out on parole dat is suh any way she tek it she phuck,yuh dis hype life prove pon ppl thing..a wah know weh the Richards family deh pon cuz she one family done here

        1. I think Apple and her bleach out husband a work wid the feds enuh or the feds stay watching like how they did Mr. Fowl

          1. Lef dem to
            Time. If you remember Mario and the queens saga a dem
            Did floss whole heap. Found dem time mr Richards did still sell CDs in Brooklyn and Apple was a petty thief. Everybody gets knocked eventually.

    2. Are you sure Flippa and Marsha was offered a Plea Deal? If so, what was the deal…how many years? They hard very hard evidence, so no need for plea deal.

  5. Hear me hear but me nuh care? I wish I could feel 1 ounce a sympathy for these pathetic fools. Splashing and dashing champagne on their watches and shoes? Is who badmind who now? eeeh? When the bloggers use to warn them, Flippa run go mek song and call up Groupie name? Hello Miss Celebrity Apple and the new Flippa Mr Icon, I pray that I will not come on met website and see the both of you end up in prison. My 9-5 and my freedom is everything!

  6. Let me be humble and hold on tight to my 9-5 because … Me nah a no jail house no sah freedom too sweet all if me hungry and homeless I rather be free

  7. After all that Flossing and hype look at him now, the end of the day did it worth it, me love how me stay humble and nuh mek vanity lead me a stray nothing more Precious To me like my FREEDOM

  8. And mi did like Flippa and him bossiness , but from him did lick dung dat ooman mussi kill or maim her I knew the future would be rough for him. Sometimes sign show and ppl nuh tech heed fi change up dem livity.

    Knowing him and how him likkle bit, prison going to crush him spirit, but him do the crime, suh…..

  9. This nah guh stop the others from doing what them doing….Cause am sure in their mind they think they will never get catch. Smdh

  10. Mi say it all de time, and mi a go say it again! Mi wi walk pon de straight and narrow, and work hard fe my own! De long way draw sweat, and de short way and easy way draw blood, and in dis case, 25 years! Let this be a teachable moment people: SHOWOFF BRING DISGRACE!

  11. Not one ounce of sympathy would I have for Apple because she too hype. Atleast by some account Flippa was generous with the money. Apple I am one who is waiting for your arrest not even jadion but you. You need to be taught a lesson b**ch.

    As for Marsha’s big daughter I have seen her post some very concerning things on SM. She did say that her homelife is depressing, she moved in with Marshas mom in Maryland I believe it was. She said she in umcomfortable at her new school. In my opinion too much time is being spent publically airing out her relationships with boys…I believe that she is too young for all that and grandma probably has no clue.

    1. Mi seh not one night Marsha goodly guh har bed and not crying and saying if she could turn back the hands of time,the way the world small a wonder if the kids dem a trouble her bout her mom being in jail and etc….When yuh have kids yuh can’t be selfish enuh and yuh must consider what would happen to dem when yuh gone,can you imagine anuh death tek weh de mum a jail over greediness

  12. MI think most men that sell drugs are gay or have some tendency coz I don’t see how I can commit certain crime knowing I might go to jail for long periods without getting any pums…I can’t do it mi haffi get mi regular pums…chances are a 62 before him si a next pums

  13. you have females wardens who work there you know nd not all go by the don’t phuck the inmates…

  14. The mafia say him hear but him nuh care. Who get f**k now and should a care. Did it worth it to stay impressing these fools that are a waste just like him only the kids feel it the worst

  15. Man do the thing a lot of you was taking the cocktail n now unuh a cuss it. No matter how yuh get it yuh get it everyman know the outcome a road better prison than death .mi rather do road than live like shit a one time yuh live the flossing a joke thing but money can’t stop every rich rapper yuh see a road money it start from but yaad man snitch give away yaad man . Mi would a hustle hard a road than live in a basement mi rather go prison than clean shit ambition is priceless a lot of unuh if unuh get the same chance unuh would have done it it don’t Tek a dumb man fi be a millionaire so he wasn’t dumb and Marsha a the realest street gal ever she go down with the ship weh she did a sail in .

  16. So roughly 5 years of flossing in exchange for roughly 25 years of incarceration???? You make so much sense. Even if Flippa hid money, that is money that he cannot enjoy for years to come. Stop spreading that silly message.

  17. Mi naw say Mi free a road cause they only make us think we are but it’s still betta dan..
    Somebody tell yuh when 2 wake up when to go to sleep when you can eat di shitty food…Mi luv road.. Mi :kr naw go a jail again

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