1. Wah??????? Already????? Unu run een and come talk up the suss because if that a true a de first ina histry dis wudda occur and without him doing some time here first. But Flippa very slippery suh lets see……

    1. With the legislation coming up it cudda possible…if him nuh have a case dem can reverse him fast..memba seh dem seh a 121 a day or more fi house dem eno.. a try call LA today but mi neva get no where..a doe know sah if dem send him home I would feel better because as much as him annoying I dont think he would do well locked up so I would prefer this fi him

  2. Somebody know something but dem not speaking at all. If him land home mi happy fi him because jail aint no joke especially with him been so feeble and only weighting 130lbs…..

  3. tell flippa try britain next time, him no si di american jamaicans don’t like him there!!

    flippa cum a london, cum dash weh sum a di money cross di atlantic. plus as an informer in britain, u can get ur stay, juss ask mitchie boo, buzza michelle, lucky british and a few more.

    flippa like di american army….britain needs u :iloveindonesia

      1. met flippa need fi give america a rest. no canada mi read seh him did deh?

        a wah canada too boring fi him? well britain is not as vibezy as america, but it ten times betta dan canada. so cum flippa cum

  4. mi nuh buy da one yah at all, there is no way they gonna deport him so fast.deportation is a process,unless, bway,mi nuh kno!

  5. no he is being held for open felony charges in NJ I can’t confirm that though the docket search for NJ is a pain but illegal reentry after deportation is a FELONY, first time a misdemeanor 2nd time is a felony this is what the 3rd time?? any normal person would take up to three months with no backlog of illegal entry cases to deport a person right now its about 2 years. The 2nd entry alone should have been 77 months. I am baffled by this entire case.

    1. 10 years fi some.

      Met, ICE nu work so fast…he may have been transferred from county to ICE holding for processing. If him can prove nationality then his process would be speedy but nu so fast. A nu airport dem detain him inna. Dis dude is slippery and from de suss yah him capable of being inna any a de acronyms holding pen/hotel. Might all a work a Syrian angle. lol

        1. Nuff a dem add to de backlog and nu want submit dem birth paper fi get clearance and rather itch up inna de people dem cell or a try negotiate dem stay.

          We People need fi accept de fact sey if dem nu legit a broad they are FUGITIVES once they are out of visa status. Nuff burn bridges behind them and SHAME fi go H.O.M.E. cause that is what Jamaica is HOME like it or NOT! me cry fi onu illegal aliens…lol


  6. My gosh this boy have no damn shame. How him boasty n tan n no hv no papers. Him no must know say all border control hv him pic by now. Well I never! Can u imagine if him did a suffer. Him need to learn a lesson. Why him no left Obama land n go sidung. Him too damn dearing me never c somebody wid so much balls. Not even breeze off him self fi a year. How him bear face so. No shame

  7. Next time a barrel him ago try stow way in a. No man! This gone from bad to worst. How no other entertainer na gwaan with this shit. The money him take a buy fake paper him go bank it. Mussi owe obeah man debt

  8. Met u ever hear anything about Tunya or sidony again. Or the one that was living in the apartment n give one entertainer jacket. Me no memba a who. U must do a groupie update. Fr whores to housewife

  9. Lies Flippa still in LA waiting extradition to NJ. Hmmm same thing happen to his brother kamar in may, held in la extradited to Camden county in NJ when he and Marsha was held. Kemar still in Camden county so u do the math. Flippa can be good but he would have to have real $$ not just dancehall $$ to get out of la n in ja. He is not God.

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