1. bounty a real trouble mekka enuh..big up mi artisttttttttttttttttttttttt cross angryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    a wah dat vegas hav on doah an is not halloween r black histrie month :ngakak

  2. Vegas guh siddung and low out de Killa it obvious him a laugh affa yuh because yuh look like poppy show…..Woooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! De 2 a unu a mama lashy, suh I will wait for the internet tracing to begin………

    1. Lali doe se dat…y none a dem neva seh nothing bout di ricky trooper video? as rhood seh this is a not a dress or a skirt but mi sure killa hear bout di video..a bet if a did beenie deh pan it him wudden stop talk all now dem fi stop it

  3. like all things ghetto bounty killer is just plain ignorance.,……from the pic obviously vegas is in costume and on tv…….so maybe he was performing a dated piece of music from a bygone era……nonetheless….bounty killa has never been one to avoid expressing his unnecessary bitchassness for the world to see…… and by the previous posts neither are his fans…..lmfao

      1. Leave Killa alone, I concede that he did not have pick on Vegas as he has been doing for years. However, there is no need for Vegas to be embellishing about the Killa’s career!

        That person deh need fi know seh a nuh everything ghetto ignorant… so leave ghetto people alone…

        Met yuh done know seh I are a fan of Bounty Killa–LOL

    1. a di same ting mi a seh, before i read ur comment, i was gonna ask if anybody knew the song he was singing at this point.

      i agree with everything u said, vegas has done nothing wrong or suspect in my opinion, artistes who make real money dress up in character all the time, its a way to keep things interesting and fun.

      bounty is so ignorant and uneducated it gives me a headache, he needs to go to school.. SERIOUSLY, u can’t be so dumb for so long, get it together man!!

      i watched a performance bounty did at traxxx…. bor-thef**k-ing, same sh-it every day. nothing is wrong with changing things up, bounty needs to learn that.

        1. met, ppl fed up of bounty an his bullsh-it, don’t get mi wrong, sumtimes he is funny, but this time the joke was uncalled for.

          bounty deh joke ya cum in like macka diamond red hair…not even wind can move it, it stand up stiff like a solider.

          1. ________________________________________________________________ any how di sun too hot and ketch macka har dat plastic wudda melt n tun a mug

          2. met macka have sense eeh nuh, cuz when di sun did a boil inna june and july, she was in har brazilian hair.

            true di sun no so tun up yah now, plus a night she juss sen call fi stiffy red.

          3. deadments_____________________________________________________ mi seh she spin di neck and not even one strand move :hammer

  4. I want to ask one thing, Which “heights” bounty reach? Bounty lame fi years and years now and only stay relevant by tracing and badmind! What is wrong wid vegas inna costume? God up a heaven know seh mi neva si an artiste like throw stone after flying bird like bounty. Bounty is the epitome of ghetto thinking. How does vegas dressing up affect bounty life? It stop him bounty from eating a food? It diminish him money? People, learn one thing, only small minded people spend so much time worrying about what other people do.
    Real Talk 😡

  5. Real Talk, stop, you can’t be serious… Killa run a joke an look how you all are behaving… Come on man… Being ghetto a nuh sin or crime… The killa have his faults; however, people, take it easy and don’t get carried away…

    Vegas is not even remotely accomplished as the Killa so the one’s need fi chillout… SATA.

  6. Dutty vegas d pic look a way fi real – Unu a under cover fish dats y unu tink it ok fi man dress like girl GO CHUK RIGHT THROUGH U MADDA n stop gwaan like say u a d hottest ting cause even d HOTTEST ARTIST days n time must dun u nave looks n nor swag nutten may b likkle money so me wouldnt eve look pon he/she like u me know u a read this cause u a d biggest mampala in a dancehall wid all d money whe u have u gyal still did go fuk pon u cause u hood limpy from too much batty gwhe dutty gyal vegas

    1. Stop it! If him look gay dress so den ALL men dress like dat inna de 60s & 70s were gay.

      It was a RETRO/throwback special so him have all rights fi dress so. If Doberman bounty fi dress retro it would a be tear up batty pants and lean crep wid him afro a dead fi likkle carbolic soap and oil.

  7. This pic was taken from DRS last sunday night when he was a guest judge. I thought it strange that he would have a costume change as his performance was about 5 mins long, if so much!

  8. Wow!!!! Small minded people can’t see that he was dressed in a costume his back singers dresses were made from the same material!!! How is bounty accomplished? Ask most of the promoters in USA if they would ever book him for a show and they will tell you no because he is so dam arrogant and stupid !!!

  9. Di man nuh hav nuh visa suh how him fi get booked? Vegas nuh respected inna dancehall more dan killa nuh day nuh time dats a FACT

  10. But he had a visa at one point!!! Everybody else got there visa back I wonder why he didn’t get his back!!! Lol !!! He so Arrogant and dumb!!! Vegas is an entertainer and that’s why he was in costume!!!

  11. other than Killa which other dancehall dj has performed at Super Bowl, on America’s biggest stage..some a unno forget the heights and greats of Bounty and why he is still very respected..Yes Bounty keep up him f**kry an run joke, but this was clearly a joke that Vegas could not handle., I guess its only when him put him foolishness in the media thats when people fi laff afta him but when its smaddy else him a get upset…Vegas a poppy show from long time and thats obviously the way him like it so why him a gwan suh…Vega Still vex sey Bounty fix him back in the 90’s poor him…

  12. And another no one Respects Bounty they are just afraid of him and his hype man dem weh him have round him weh a fight Di sleep in a Di one bed room apartment weh him have!!! Him look more gay to me him and him one bag a man dem weh h guh every weh wid and sleep wid!!!!

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