So she lef from Jamaica go Barbados go dance inna strip club and put everything pon social media. Nuh shame nuh inna dem name again. Better she did just go Mobay Taboo. She and Corey Todd well familiar with each other already.


8 thoughts on “FLOATING DANCER

  1. I have no children I’m not married. I’m beautiful and super talented i Dont answer to anyone but my mother, my God, my man n Me. So I have nothing to hide so if this is a stunt to ridicule me hunni u Dont feed me… Clothe me… Or shelter me. I’m an Pole dancer.. Novelist.. Actress.. Singer… Songwriter amongst many other things. You have time to write? U need a life… So what I dance pole? I’m a damn good one too. Bitch plz…

  2. Unu gwaan n lowe di bomboclaat gal man.. unu can always find matta inna ppl yiy n nah see di big ole wart weh a grow inna fi unu.. a fi ar money a she hustle it. Unu fi ho look sumn do n stop post ppl bc business pon social media unu upsetting bad

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